Vincent licks the chicken soup, and….

At about 5pm just now, surprisingly, Vincent came to the kitchen, mewing, asking for something.

He has not mewed for the longest time.

He even started rubbing himself all over my leg, something he hadn’t done ever since his condition became bad (which would be about 3 weeks or more now).

And he mewed and mewed…

What do you want, Vincent?

Ah, I know….

It must be the aroma of the chicken soup.

The aroma had permeated every nook and corner of the whole house because I was using a slow cooker. And by now, it’s been about 6 hours of slow brewing.

Hmm…the aroma of the chicken soup is acting as an “appetiser” (inducement) for Vincent.


So I scooped up some soup and offered it to Vincent.

He sniffed at it, looked at me and mewed more.

Oh, you want your raw meat?

Yes, he did! The other bowl is the chicken soup.

And he ate a lot too (raw meat). Kept asking for more. Luckily I had thawed enough.

So, since today’s subcut, Vincent has now eaten there times!

I’ve started a daily recording system for Vincent. For meals, I have two classifications, (A) is for a good meal and (B) moderate.  There is no (C).

Just now, it was an (A)!

Then, Vincent even licked some of the chicken soup.


It’s moments like these that are precious.

I bet Vincent was happy because he ate heartily.

Yes, precious!

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