Vincent to the vet’s

Yesterday was a bad day for Vincent.

He only ate breakfast and after that, it was the sad staring game.

He came to the kitchen at lunch time, dinner and supper, but could not bring himself to eat.

Vincent and me, last night, at the landing.

This morning he came to the kitchen again, but could not eat. Then, he went out to the patio as I fed Mr Zurik and Vincent tried to escape through Stargate2. He has tried to escape twice. I do wonder why. Of course, it is far too risky to let him out in his condition now.

Meanwhile, this morning, I also placed an order for Mercola’s Probiotics for Pets for Vincent. Even with express delivery, it would take 3-6 working days. The charges for express delivery was the same as the price of one jar!

After work, we took Vincent to the vet’s.

He was given subcut fluids and a retinidine injection (for possible gastritis). The vet also gave him Remoren. This is an anti-depressant for humans, but was discovered that when given to animals, one of its side-effects was increased appetite. No harm trying. Vincent cannot be given this daily, though. Maybe it’s just a one-off to see if it works.

We also decided to try Royal Canin’s Renal wetfood. Just a packet to see if he would eat. At this point in time, as long as he eats, it’s fine.

We have accepted the fact that Vincent’s condition is terminal and is not reversible. And seeing how he is going down fast, we have to accept the inevitable. The plan now is to make him as comfortable as possible and this includes making him eat, with as little stress as possible (this also means medicating only if necessary and helpful). The last, of course, is difficult, because Vincent absolutely hates being force-fed anything.

I have asked a few times about giving Vincent anti-nausea medication, but the vet says the anti-nausea drug, Cerenin, is only given if Vincent vomits. So far, his vomiting is irregular and has only happened twice, not in close proximity too. So, we will not give that for now.

Subcut can be given daily already, if it helps to make Vincent feel better. Hopefully we can continue doing this at home, without struggle.

Vincent seemed very comfortable at the vet’s. It is obvious that Vincent regards his vets  as his very good friends. He purrs to them, rolls over and seems totally at home. He even allowed the vet to clean his nostrils (dropping water into the nostrils) and flush his mouth. Vincent was a total angel at the clinic.

So as far as the plan goes, there are a few extra things that we could do at home to make Vincent more comfortable now: Drop water into his nostrils to clean out his nose and to hopefully clear the blockage, clean his mouth area (it gets very dirty) and flush his mouth by using a syringe with water.

We came home and Vincent was excited when I opened the Renal from RC. However, he only licked up the gravy and ate a very small amount of the pellets. Looks like it’s just a one-off food then. But I was happy enough that he even licked the gravy.

Then, he went back to the landing and did the meatloaf position.

I went out to buy Vit B Complex (the vet said no harm giving it even though Complivit already has it), a few capsules of Gentle Digest (probiotics, until Mercola’s arrives) and a can of my ultimate trump card, Hill’s AD.  I thought I’d only use the AD as a last resort when all else fails.

I also boiled chicken soup for Vincent. I believe it should be quite tasty as I used a lot of chicken (bones and meat) to make it. The aroma was all over the house too. At 1.40pm, Vincent came to ask for food, so I offered some of it to him along with some of the meat, but he didn’t want any.

Not even chicken soup? NO.

Surprisingly the other cats weren’t interested in the chicken soup either. Hmm…

The vet has suggested many times that I warm up the food, maybe it can help Vincent smell better. Well, the chicken soup was warm, and Vincent sniffed at it and walked away. He didn’t want to eat chicken meat from the soup either.

Instead, Vincent ate a small amount of raw meat. Well, something is better than nothing.

Then, at 4.30pm just now, Vincent came into the kitchen and appeared to want to eat. I offered raw meat – No. So I had to open my ultimate trump card – the AD.


Yes, he was attracted to the smell and was excited and ate, but only a small amount too. I think it was about 4 teaspoons at most, then he was no longer interested. He walked away. Didn’t want raw food too.

Ginger and Heidi enjoyed the AD.

It looks like AD is also a one-off food then….sigh. There goes my ultimate trump card.

But I ought to be grateful for today because Vincent ate.

As long as he eats, I’m grateful already.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Thank you very much to everyone who has left comments and very helpful suggestions.

By the way I asked the vet if I should start force-feeding Vincent by syringe. He said to only do it if Vincent doesn’t eat for 3-4 days.