Zurik tries to get in

Zurik found out about the new netting this morning and he decided to put up a protest.

By afternoon, he was up on the roof. Our part-time cleaner came and she reported to me that “Kesian kucing luar tu, dia dah perangkap kat tingkap, tak boleh keluar.” 

Yeah, right.

According to her, Mr Zurik was making all kinds of pleading noises, as though asking her for help. She thought he was stuck at the window.

“Dia boleh turun ke?”

I assured her Mr Zurik would be okay.

By evening, when I went up for my bath, there he was again. This time, he was at the bathroom window, making mewing noises.

No, Mr Zurik. You cannot come in anymore. Please get down and go back to the porch.

Did he?

I don’t know, because just now, when I took my bath after taiji, there he was again…at the bedroom window, scuttled to the bathroom window, moving to and fro, trying to get some sympathy.

Please..please let me in. 

I almost said: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

Please…please…please…I’m stuck, I cannot get out.
I’m stuck in between the window.

Mr Zurik gets a thrill just coming in and then going out through Stargate2. If only he wouldn’t beat up Ginger, chase Tabs, or spray urine, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

But he does all this, so, sorry, ol’ pal. You are only allowed in the porch.

Sometimes, he also plays this game in the middle of the night.

Hello, my friend, we need to sleep, we can’t be entertaining you a few times in the middle of the night.

Stay in the porch. You have the WHOLE porch all to yourself.

Lately, a white cat from the neighbouring house has been trying to come to our porch. If Ginger is outside, he takes it upon himself to block the white cat from coming in.

Maybe you can take over that duty, Mr Zurik? That’ll give you something interesting to do, to put your strategising (read: clever scheming) skills at work?

So, come down from the roof, Mr Zurik. Don’t waste your time up there. We are not opening the window to let you in.

Please come down.

Can you come down?

You can, right?

Er…you can, right?

Can you?

(That’s how he plays tricks with your mind…that devious mind of his!)



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