Earth to Houston (Mr Zurik’s reentry)

So the story continues with husband coming back and Zurik still being on the roof.

Looks like it’s a game of seeing who can outlast the other.

If our guess is right, and if indeed Zurik has been on the roof all this while, then it’s already been more than a day of him going without food and water.

The crazy cat…how much longer is he going to do this?

Okay, okay, you win, Zurik.

He was on the roof.

So, husband opened the windows and netting, and invited our friend to come in.

Guess what, he refused.

Husband brought his kibble jar up and shook it.

Nope. No budging.

By then, Tabs and Heidi had come up to see what it was all about. Tabs was trying to help too.

But we could see Zurik was probably afraid of Heidi and Tabs…or whatever. So, we shooed the two out of the room.

I brought up some Recovery…yummy, yummy, Zurik. Want some?

He was clearly interested in the Recovery (of course not the kibble), but he still wouldn’t budge. So, I had to bring the bowl closer and closer, trying to make him come in, but no, it didn’t work.

Finally, husband decided to just pull him in. I hoped he won’t bite!

Okay, reentry is successful!!


Mr Zurik seemed a bit traumatised by the whole experience and he has always been afraid of my husband, so he didn’t even eat the Recovery. He just went downstairs and out to Stargate2.

I offered him the Recovery back in his old spot, but he didn’t want it.

Then, I told husband to bring out the kibble jar, since Zurik prefers kibble.

But Zurik ran out of the gate.

Oh well…

After a few minutes, I sensed Zurik had come back…

I was right!

Husband is rather amazed how I always know whenever Zurik is on the window sill. I cannot explain it. I just know. Or rather, Mr Zurik knows how to let me know. There is this inexplicable “communication” between us.

Mr Z and Me – yes.

And now, he is ready to eat.


Thus ends today’s story…

Earth to Houston: Cosmonaut Mr Zurik’s reentry is a success!!

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