Farewell, Rex (one of the Sunny Kittens)

If you were following our stories since 2011, you might remember the Sunny Kittens?

They were these 3 absolutely adorable kittens rescued by someone in KL (found abandoned in a box) and brought to me.

We had SO many memorable and very, very joyful time with the Sunny Kittens, but we just could not adopt anymore cats, so they were open for adoption.

Rozita Halim and her family adopted them. By far and undoubtedly, Rozita’s family remain one of the best adopters I’ve ever, ever found. I, unfortunately, have never quite had much luck with finding adopters, so Rozita and her family were heavensent!

Here are some posts about the Sunny Kittens and also why I named them “Sunny”. If you do a word search on this blog, you would see tons of posts on them featuring such happy times while they were with us.

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Rozita continued to send updates and photos every now and then.

One of Rozita’s many updates: https://myanimalcare.org/2012/10/16/drrrummrolll-its-the-sunnies/

It’s been 7 years now and today, I received very sad news from Rozita.

Rex passed away yesterday morning, of kidney failure. Of course Rozita and her family are devastated. Rex has been a son and brother to them. I am equally deeply saddened by this loss. It also feels like my loss too, since we had fostered them when they were rescued.

I am sure those of you who were with us in 2011 are also sad to hear this.

I know for certain that the Sunnies couldn’t have found a better home and more loving family than Rozita’s. I remain extremely grateful to Rozita and her family for adopting them. All these years whenever I think of them, I feel so, so thankful.

With Rozita’s permission, here is her email and some photos of Rex:

Subject: The Sunnies – REX 13 September 2018 – MY BELOVED SON

Dear Dr Chan,

Its been awhile since our last email on the Sunnies.
I would like to inform you that REX my sweet sweet boyhave left us on 13 September 2018 @ 2.30am due to kidney failure.
We miss him. Miss his kisses on our cheeks. His hugs everytime we come back from work and school. We miss his naughtiness and his companion especially during cooking. He would just sit patiently on the kitchen island and just lie while looking at me cook. We miss his warmth everytime we are in bed. He will never miss warming our feet while we are in bed. He will always be by my daughters study while they do their homework, studying or playing games on the PS4.
Thank you for letting us have him in 2011.
He was our bundle of joy. He was just not a cat but a SON to me and my husband and a brother to my children. He was always there when we need him.
May he rest and be with my cats that had departed in Heaven ..
*Ive attached some pictures of him which was taken few months back for you to remember him by.
Rex had kidney stones. So he was given meds for that. After some time, we noticed that he was not peeing at his usual litterbox, he started to spill his water bowl and act out. Then he just kind of not be his normal active self. He was diagnosed with kidney failure, late stage about 3 months ago. He was on meds. It was 3 weeks ago his health started to deteriorate. He didnt eat much. Just drank water. 2 days before he died, he was more vocal. On the day he died, he just distance himself from everybody. Which i knew that this was gona be the day he was gona leave us and head to Heaven. He died on his favourite rattan chair overlooking the garden at 230 am on 13/9/2018.
Fox and Bear have been quiet since Rex left us. Bear would follow me everywhere i go and sit on Rex favourite rattan chair. But not only them react that way. My youngest 1 year old male Muezza, was extremely close to Rex as Rex was like a father figure to him from the day i adopt Muezza at 4 weeks old. Rex would comfort, groom and play with him daily. He would meow looking for Rex which is really sad to see. But in time hopefully they will be okay.
Yes do share about Rex, his pictures and my email.
Thank you again for allowing us to have him. 
Here are some of the Sunnies’ and Rex’ photos from my collection, but truly, there are hundreds of photos, all published in this blog.
Our very first photo of Rex.
Uncle Bobby looked after them too!

The day the Sunnies went to their wonderful and loving forever home.

I remember the night before the Sunnies were adopted. Rex had always been the most responsible kitten, of the three. Fox was playful and HoneyBear was the baby. Rex was very reliable, so I told him that he must take care of his brother and sister.

Farewell, my dearest Rex. Be happy at Rainbow Bridge!

Like Rozita, I too miss you. Your have done your duty in your earthly existence and now it is time to transcend to a much higher realm!

Thank you so much, Rozita and family. I have no words to thank you enough.

Please take good care and I pray time will heal your sense of loss and only the sweet and wonderful memories will remain.

2 comments to Farewell, Rex (one of the Sunny Kittens)

  • Mas

    Run pain free at the rainbow bridge Rex

  • Lay Peng

    Kiss The Joy n Let It Fly…a very soothing n meaningful words I learnt from Sis’s Dhamma talk.
    Where ever Rex Maybe, May Rex Be Well n Happy
    Looking at those photos, I remembered them.
    Take care Rozita n family
    Take care Sister.