Ginger’s Zurik-inflicted wound

It was on 6th Sept 2018 (last Thursday) that Zurik beat up Ginger which resulted in a paw wound on poor Ginger.

We brought Ginger to the vet’s that day along with Vincent and at that time, the wound looked quite minor. The vet told me to clean it and apply iodine, which I did, but only on that day.

On subsequent days, I did check on the wound, but it looked like it was healing – just a line.

We should have suspected something wasn’t right, because during the past few days, Ginger occasionally slept in the open cage.

The open cage is a “hospital ward” for Ginger. He wouldn’t be inside unless he doesn’t feel well.

I should have taken the cue, but I did not, being so engrossed with Vincent.

It was my negligence. Totally my fault.

Today, the wound looked infected.

The skin around the two puncture wounds is a bit swollen too.

So, I quickly cleaned it with hibiscrub and applied iodine on it. But Ginger licked up all the iodine immediately.

So, we have no choice, Ginger…sorry.

He was so disturbed by the e-collar, but sorry, dear Ginger. You keep licking up the iodine.

I texted the photo of the wound to the vet and asked if Ginger needed to be on antibiotics or if lancing might be required. The vet said it looks infected and yes, Ginger needs to start on Clavomox. The vet is closed for three days over the long weekend, but luckily, he had given me a batch of Clavomox for Vincent (the plan is to go off Baytril and restart on Clavomox). So, I’m using Vincent’s Clavomox for Ginger now. If it doesn’t get better by Monday, it’s off to the vet’s.

Ginger was SO easy to pill. TOO easy!!  I gave him Vetri DMG too.

If only Vincent were so easy to pill too…

From a scale of difficulty (1 being easy and 10 being the hardest), Vincent is an 11 and Ginger is a 1.  Maybe Ginger is even a 0 and -1.  He didn’t put up any resistance at all. None.

Our two patients.

And don’t forget, there’s Pole too.

Oh dear…three sick cats.

Ginge, please bear with the e-collar a bit, okay?

You need to let the medicine heal the wounds.

So you see why Zurik cannot be allowed to come in on his own? He beats people up. And he always wins.

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