Pole is unwell

I started noticing it two days ago. Pole seemed unwell. She did eat at every meal, but I remember she didn’t quite finish her share of the food.

But I decided to let her be.  Hopefully, it would be a problem that can resolve by itself after some rest.

Yesterday, she looked the same. Ate but didn’t finish her meals.

This morning, she stayed on the pillow in Bunny’s Room and did not join the rest for breakfast at the pantry.

I served her her Cubgrub where she was, but she didn’t want any of it.

So I offered her some Recovery. Managed to lace it with Vetri DMG too.

Pole is very discerning and suspicious, but luckily she ate it up!

That was just about 2 teaspoons.

Is Cleo concerned or just eyeing the food?

Cow is definitely concerned. I am 100% sure of this.

As little kittens, when first rescued, Cow was the one who looked after Bunny and Cleo. He was the one who would travel all the way from the kitchen to the living room to call us when they wanted food. Bunny was always the pampered one and Pole was too busy doing acrobatics and looking for a way to escape. This was when they were just weeks old.

Throughout the years, Cow had never faltered in his responsibilities. He would take it upon himself to look after everyone and by everyone, I mean Bunny (especially now that Bunny is blind), Pole and everyone else in his territory.

Nowadays, whenever Bunny gets a trip out (it’s his privilege), Cow would be monitoring Bunny from every possible grille. As Bunny goes from the house to the patio, Cow would be pacing and going from the grille to Stargate, monitoring Bunny’s every move. He will not rest till Bunny goes back inside.

What a great brother, right?

But yes, they still fight.

What to do? Cow has this sudden-spurt-of-anger problem. It’s just him.

Hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

Cow is also the first cat to know whenever I am sad. He just knows. And he will try his best to comfort me.

Barring his anger management problem and the spraying problem, Cow is a great cat…really.

Anyway, back to Pole…

She only ate the first 2 teaspoons, and didn’t want the next spoonful.

By now, Indy was also concerned.

Yes, Indy is also great in the caring department. He really is. Don’t let his gungho looks fool you. He’s a very caring cat.

You’re a good cat, Indy. We know.

Pole wasn’t interested in food anymore after that.

Bunny’s concerned too? Aww…

We will let her rest.

I’m still hoping that whatever ailment she is having will resolve by itself.

Pole had better not require medication. She is IMPOSSIBLE to pill.

Note: For everyone who is new to this blog (who has not followed us since the beginning), Pole’s full name was supposed to be Polar (named after the polar bear, because I wanted big names for them. Cow, Bunny and Pole were rescued as day-old kittens, abandoned by the roadside after the rain. They were my very, very first rescues, way back in 2006, Bunny was initially named Yeti, but it became Bunny because he hopped around exactly like a bunny! Cow remained as COW.)

Anyway, Pole is now short of Poldrey Hepburn, a much more appropriate name seeing how Pole has evolved into this absolutely svelte and graceful feline.

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