The staring game again (Vincent’s stories)

Vincent has not eaten today.

But he came to the kitchen again at about 11.30am.

Offered AD – not interested at all. Offered raw meat – no.

I bought the pet probiotics, Gentle Digest, yesterday. Luckily it’s sold individually at the vet’s here in Subang Jaya. My order of Mercola’s is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, so I only bought 6 capsules.

I thought it would be a good idea to open the capsule, pour out the contents and mix it with come Complivit. It turned out to be a bad idea. But anyway, I managed to forcefeed more than half of it to Vincent. He fought, of course.

Heidi and Tabs weren’t interested in the remainder. Guess who ate it up?


Vincent didn’t want chicken essence either.

He just wanted to drink water…lots of it.

The vet was right, though. I tried what was suggested, to wipe Vincent with a wet cloth, partially grooming him, especially his head. He liked it. The vet even said I could use a toothbrush to groom him. Apparently, cats like that.

I am wondering if I should go buy chicken and make soup with the slow cooker again… Was thinking of not doing it on a daily basis so that it remains a novelty (you know, to preserve the “wow” factor).

Maybe I will. But will it work today?  Will the aroma work up an appetite for Vincent?

So far, “wow” factors have never lasted for Vincent. It just wears out after the first time.

Wow factors? Don’t need ’em. I’m an easy-going guy…

Yes, you are, Indy, but please, please, please don’t get sick. The few times when he was sick, no vet could figure out what was wrong with him! It was a miracle he pulled through those few critical and scary times…

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