The three patients (Vincent, Pole and Ginger)

Today has been an exceptionally difficult day. Not because I have to look after three “sick” cats and not because I had many chores to do. It’s because of difficult applicants. Sigh…the story never ends. So, let’s talk about them.

How are our three patients so far…


He came down for dinner, but only wanted to drink water.

I offered raw meat and chicken essence. He didn’t want any.

Vincent only had one good meal today.

So, we thought maybe we could make him feel better by doing subcut for him tonight.

That…turned out to be a mistake.

Everything started very well. The needle was inserted and fluids were going in. After about 50ml, Vincent started fidgeting.

I stroked his head and chin to try to calm him, but it didn’t last long enough. Even my husband couldn’t restrain him.

So, after about 120ml (the target is 150ml), we had to let him go.

For such a sick and emaciated cat, he sure is strong.

Hopefully, the 120ml fluids will help him feel better.

Husband says maybe we shouldn’t do it daily. Was the struggling and stress Vincent exhibited today worth it?


Will take it one day at a time.

It’s all about personality, I guess. We gave Rosie subcut daily and she totally behaved. There was no problem at all. I even force-fed Rosie small amounts of food six times a day. There were also no problems. Unlike Vincent, Rosie could not even eat anymore, but she could be force-fed. So, she remained relatively “okay” until the final 7 hours.

Sigh…Vincent…why must you fight?


Ginger sure knows how to compensate for the discomfort of having to wear the e-collar.

I hope that with the Clavomox and cleaning and iodine, the two puncture wounds will heal in time.


So far, Pole only ate very small amounts of AD. One thing is worrying, though. I noticed after eating some food, she would paw her mouth. And she is drooling a bit too.

Even without eating, she would wake up and there seems to be something disturbing her in her mouth. She would do these “chewing” motions, as though trying to get something out of her mouth.

We tried opening her mouth, but she wouldn’t allow it.

I called another vet this evening, hoping I could take Pole to the clinic, but couldn’t get an appointment. Tomorrow is Saturday, then it’s a long weekend.

I’m worried it may be mouth ulcers….

Pray it’s not…please.

In any case, I will be taking Pole to the vet tomorrow.

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