Vincent eats on his own!

I thought I should go out and buy some chicken to make chicken soup again, if only to have its aroma entice Vincent to eat (and IF it still works).

So, I went out and Ming-Yi happened to visit and texted to say that Vincent had gone into the kitchen and seems to want food.

By the time I came back with all the groceries and chicken, the motley crew was in the kitchen, waiting.

It was already 2.20pm, past their lunch time.

And without even having to boil the chicken soup, Vincent was willing to eat on his own! He only wanted raw meat.

Yay…then I can keep the chicken soup trump card for tomorrow or another day. And we could also delay the subcut to tomorrow.

Vincent ate an “A” meal just now!

Maybe the smell of the new chicken I bought worked up an appetite for him?

This photo was taken by Ming-Yi. You can see how emaciated Vincent is now. This is what kidney failure does to a cat. It’s mean, isn’t it?  But that’s life. Nature is fair, but not entirely kind.

But Vincent ate just now, so for this, I am grateful.

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