Zurik, oh Zurik…where are you?

Zurik came to our window last night and asked to be let in. Yes, in the middle of the night. He made quite a racket outside the window too. But we didn’t let him in.

But by morning, Zurik did not come for breakfast, so husband got a bit worried.

Is he stuck on the roof…again?

You see, normally, during our green netting days, Zurik would either sneak in through the netting (that’s his game) or he would remain on the roof making pitiful noises until we open the window or netting to let him in. That’s the game. There were only these two versions of it.

Sometimes, we let him remain on the roof and see who could last longer. Will Zurik give up and come back down or will we relent and let him in.

Ten out of ten times, I think Zurik has won. We would relent and let him in.

But now, with this new netting….yes, we can easily slide it open and let him in. But will this become a new game for him then? And in the middle of the night, he will keep disturbing us to play with him. Now that he absolutely cannot come in (or so we think), the only way would be for us to get up and slide open the netting to let him in.


But husband decided we would let him in. So, he slid open the netting and waited for Zurik to appear.

Hah…Zurik did not appear.

More worry….

What happened to Zurik?  Where is he?

By 7.30am, when I left the house, I looked for him again.

He wasn’t on the roof.

I came back home at about 10am and there he was…he was on the roof, alright!  I waved to him and told him to come down. I don’t think he did, though. I don’t know where he went because I was out in the playground doing taiji.

When I came home to take a bath…

Hah! There he is!

He mewed a little and asked to come in.

Okay, okay…you win, Mr Zurik. I decided to open the netting and let him in, but guess what, HE didn’t want to come in now.


He walked off instead.

Ah…so we are playing a game, eh?

Ginger, did you say something to Mr Zurik?

So, Mr Zurik walked all over the roof. The netting was open. The windows were all wide open. But he didn’t want to come in.


Tell me, isn’t this a “muka kesian”?

Come in, Mr Zurik. Come in.

By now, I was the one making pitiful noises, coaxing Mr Zurik to come in.

He just lingered by the window and didn’t want to come in.

Come on in, Mr Zurik.

By now, Heidi had come upstairs to see what the commotion was all about.

Heidi hissed at Mr Zurik.

Ginger also growled.

Well, that is not surprising, because now, it’s Ginger and Heidi having the upper hand. The house is their territory and Mr Zurik is the “invader”, so to speak.

Finally, Mr Zurik went away from the window.

To be continued…

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