Pole eats but…

I decided it would be wiser to let Pole settle down properly and completely after a few traumatic experiences today – the trip to the clinic, our attempt to spray the Biosilver (which failed miserably) and our next attempt to squirt the Biosilver using the syringe (which failed).  We also attempted to trim her nails (only managed to trim 2 nails after which she turned violent).

By 4pm, I decided to offer some food. I thought liquid food might be good, so I gave her some Ciao treats. Unfortunately, Pole is highly suspicious of new food, so she walked away.

I know she ate AD yesterday, so I offered this next.

To my delight, she started eating….

But after barely one teaspoon, she started pawing again.

And now, she’s upset again….sigh.

It’ll probably take a few hours to calm her and let her settle down, then we will do the challenge of giving her the Prednisolone.

Pole has always been immaculately groomed, not a hair out of place. But now, she drools a bit, has eye discharge and has stains on her lips. Poor Pole…this must be so upsetting for her.

I just realised that the clinic will be closed this evening as well as tomorrow, so gosh…we would have to do the pilling by ourselves.

Oh dear….


I think it might help if we brought her somewhere unfamiliar….maybe she won’t dare to react and fight. Or maybe the presence of a stranger who is kind (but whom she knows she cannot bully) will help too.

Maybe we’ll try taking her in the car for a ride. But she mewed throughout today’s ride to the clinic.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Pole’s case is her being very nervous and jumpy. But at the clinic she was calm and totally cooperative. The vet pilled her three times with absolutely no problems (as easy as me pilling Ginger).

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