Vincent eats an A+ lunch!

Today, luckily for me, Ming-Yi came, so she was able to help me with Vincent, Pole and Ginger.

For some unknown reason, Vincent was exceptionally well-behaved today. Together, we managed to drop saline into his nostrils and clean them. He seemed to enjoy it too. We also managed to pill him without much struggle, except for the Azodyl (capsule).

Vincent finished 5/6 of this container of raw meat!

Could it also be that now there are two other “sick” cats (Ginger and Pole), so the focus isn’t solely on Vincent? Maybe he feels less psychological stress?

Meanwhile, I pilled Ginger and cleaned his wounds without any problem. He is such an easy cat to nurse and treat. I think we cannot allow him out on the porch anymore since Zurik is around. Zurik might just beat him up again.