Pole eats kibble

It was supper time for the Cow Clan and husband had forgotten that Pole has a dental problem. So, since Pole went to her eating station on the pantry counter, he gave Pole a bowl of kibble too, and Pole happily ate it. By the time I came into the pantry, Pole was already eating so I let her go on. It would be good too, to see if she could eat kibble. That would indicate to us how severe the inflammation is.

I don’t know how long she ate as I did not monitor her. But she sure ate quite a lot. And she was definitely chewing. That’s a good sign.

But later when she came into the room, I heard her grinding her teeth. Still some pain in the mouth, I guess.

Just before this, we pilled Pole (the Prednisolone). Before pilling her, I told her it was only one tiny little half tablet. Just one.

There was a minimal struggle, but it needed two of us to do it. Then, I syringed in a bit of Biosilver.

Then, I suddenly remember that since she is so well-behaved, maybe we could give her the anti-gastric little quarter tablet which we failed to give this morning. So, I quickly went to the fridge to take the pill and as I was about to pill Pole, I saw that she had spat out the Prednisolone. Goodness, how did she manage to keep the tiny half tablet in her mouth for so long? She did exactly the same thing this morning too.

So, I had to plonk that in again.

Luckily we got that done.

By the time I wanted to try the anti-gastric, my goodness…Pole let out a most frightening noise and jerked away violently.

We just let her go.

Now she feels bad, so she is lying down beside me.

It’s okay, Pole. We know you are not feeling well.

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