The evening stories


Heidi likes to lounge at the porch these days. She is particularly skilful at sneaking out of the front door. She is not afraid of Mr Zurik.

Mr Zurik does occasionally chase her. But there has been no fights so far.

Maybe Mr Zurik has his own rules? He won’t fight with females or elderly ones?

But it is still safer for Heidi to come inside.

It’s not easy to coax her to come in…unless it’s in the morning after taiji when we eat half-boiled eggs. Heidi likes the egg yolk and the sound of the pot will get her to come back. In the evening, there is no inducement.


Just pilled him and cleaned his wounds. The healing looks good.

By the way, this light-blue mat is made from non-toxic material. Stretch Therapy sells them in various sizes. Many of the ones sold outside may be made from toxic material.

Special service for Ginger.

Off collar.


Pole ate dinner, mostly Cubgrub. Luckily she had eaten quite a bit before the pawing happened.

Poor Pole. I guess the gums still hurt.

I’m waiting for husband to return from work so that we can give her the Prednisolone (it’s twice a day).


Vincent’s last meal was at 10am today and it was a big one. He came to the kitchen for lunch and now, for dinner, but it was the staring game.

I wonder if he needs a subcut again.

He likes to have his head being wiped by a wet cloth, but not so much his mouth area. I squirted some Biosilver into the sides of his mouth. I don’t know why the Biosilver is made as a spray. None of our cats like the sound or feel of the jet. In fact, all of them are so turned off by it. Poor design… It actually scares the animal so much.

He didn’t eat.

Maybe we could push the subcut to tomorrow.

Vincent now uses the litter box to pee and I am able to monitor his urination. I cannot see the colour since there is litter, but I could check the smell. Well, it isn’t good. His urine has no smell at all. This means his kidneys isn’t doing the job.

I know, it’s asking for too much to think that his disease could turn around. Even if we are able to maintain the status quo without the kidneys getting any worse, it would already be a bonus.

Let’s be thankful for the good days whenever he can eat.