The pilling sessions (Vincent and Pole)

Vincent is a darling today.

I started by wiping his head and mouth with a soft wet flannel cloth. He likes this.

There are three pills for this morning – the quartered Baytril, the Azodyl capsule and the B Complex. The syringe contains Vetri DMG (I’m using it to wash down the tablets, if necessary).

Re this B Complex, I don’t know if it was this tiny little yellow tablet (which only costs 10 sen) that gave Vincent a good appetite yesterday. Three days ago, he ate well, but that could have been due to the Remoren (whose effect would have worn off completely after a few hours). But Vincent also ate well yesterday and the only difference in his medication is that I started him on the tiny yellow 10 sen tablet. Hovid’s B Complex is quite tiny and contains a range of B vitamins. It’s considered a “cheap” Vit B source, but what is there to lose, right? I would have bought him Shaklee’s (supposedly better quality Vit B), but it’s a big tablet.

Well, I must say, I pilled the Baytril very successfully.  Yay, yay, yay! Too bad we didn’t take a video…ha ha.

Next, the Azodyl capsule. Now, this came with some struggle as he doesn’t like the capsule. But it went in too. Yay!!

Now, next, the B Complex. Previously, I gave the B Complex at another time, so pilling it was actually easy. But since Vincent was a total angel today, I decided to try my luck and do a third pilling.

Well…it wasn’t one of my finer pilling successes, but here’s the video:

In the process of pilling the B Complex, Vincent spat out the Azodyl. This means he fooled me into thinking he had swallowed the Azodyl!

So, I had to do a fourth pilling and finally, the Azodyl went in.


Still, I consider the above a success.

Now, comes Pole.

It started with a manja-session in the room first.

Then, she comes out… Manja-ing continues.

Three pills plus Vetri DMG – the quartered Baytril, the ever-important Prednisolone (to bring down the inflammation and pain) and a bonus – the anti-gastric, just in case she needs it.

I was all prepared to forgo the anti-gastric, if the going gets tough. After all, three pills is REALLY pushing it too far, I know.

It was hard…but we managed to feed the two pills. Then, when it came to the third, Pole had got violently nervous and was jumping, so as planned, I let that go.

In between the pilling, I managed to feed her some Vetri DMG through the syringe. No videos, we needed both pairs of hands on deck. Pole is stronger than two humans combined. That’s 2.6kg vs 112kg.

Compared to yesterday’s car feeding, I’ll still call today’s a success.

Good girl, Pole.

I think Pole felt really bad after that, because she came to my leg and stayed beside me.

I also think (and understand) that Pole is reacting this way probably because she hasn’t been pilled all her life. Of course she would be suspicious and defensive. Moreover, by nature, she is already a very jumpy cat. Hopefully, with these compulsory pilling sessions for two weeks, she will understand and be more accepting of what we are doing.

Shortly after, Pole came mewing at the grille. I thought she was hungry again. She would be. She only ate a bit of Monge this morning.

So I offered, but she couldn’t eat.

Cow was concerned. Good boy, Cow.

Tabs benefited from the un-eaten Monge.

Meanwhile, Vincent has not eaten for today. I’ll let him be first.

There’s a lot to handle, so I have to pace myself too.

At least, the pilling is done for this morning. There will be another session for Pole this evening. Vincent’s pilling is done for the day. Yay!