Vincent eats another A+ meal and Pole eats a few pellets (kibble)

Pole kept mewing, calling for me.

I guess she is hungry, but what food would she be willing to eat? And what food can she eat which would cause minimum pain to her inflamed gums?

The vet said that kibble was out of the question. Of course, of course.

But here’s the problem. She no longer wants Cubgrub (probably associated with the last few days where there was pain and I didn’t know about it). She doesn’t want AD (associated with yesterday’s pain).

This morning, she managed to eat Monge, but it ended with her pawing her mouth too. So, that would be a no as well…for now. And don’t know for how long until the association of Monge-pain-pain-pain fades away.

So, for now, whatever she manages to eat will result with her pawing her mouth. The eating itself brings pain. Then, I will definitely run out of options to feed her!

But she was mewing, so…and she went to the pantry counter.

It certainly looked as though she wanted…kibble?

Really, Pole?  Kibble? But it would hurt your gums….

Oh, what is there to lose, right?

So, I poured out some kibble…

She ate!!

As expected, very quickly, she was experiencing difficult in chewing, so she ran off.

And came back mewing…

How about Monge, Pole?

No – pain-pain-pain.


What new foods do I have to offer her?

Cow ate up the remaining kibble.

And what about Vincent? He played the staring game this morning and didn’t eat.

But now, he wants to eat…


WOW!!  Another A+ meal!

Finally, yesterday, as I was watching Vincent eat, it dawned on me why Vincent wanted the chicken pieces in a certain moderate size (not too big, not too small). When the pieces are too small, he could not pick them up with his mouth. If too big, he had trouble chewing. This is why he needed them in the “perfect” size. And it cannot be thin either – he won’t be able to pick these up. It has to be fairly thick. A chunk, but not too big.

It took me so long to figure that out!! Silly me!

Hounded by Tabs, Heidi and Ginger…

He ate so much until I had to bring another container out!

My thoughts: After the Remoren medication (just one dose), Vincent demonstrated very good appetite, so that worked. But the effect wore off after half a day and the next day, he was down again.

Then, I started him on the B Complex, and have been giving him daily. So far, it looks like it’s working…

I hope it is!

There are only a few reasons I can think of, why Vincent seems more cheerful and is eating well over these 2 days:

(1) It’s the B Complex.
(2) All the medications are beginning to work? A cumulative effect?

And everyone’s greatest hope… (3) Things are turning around??

One can hope.

But as long as we have good moments, I am grateful.