A more “balanced” diet for Vincent and more about his subcuts

I forgot to mention to very important things I learnt at the vet’s today.

The first is regarding Vincent’s diet. As you know, we were so desperate to just get him to eat initially, so we adopted the principle of letting him eat whatever he wants as long as he is willing to eat it. We have various food options in the house, but Vincent wanted only raw meat. So, raw meat, it is.

I would have much preferred that he ate Cubgrub, but somehow, he didn’t want it anymore. Prior to getting sick, he loved Cubgrub.

So, I ended up giving Vincent precisely what he wants – just raw chicken fillet or breastmeat or keel (all muscle meat). I tried to include some chicken skin as well, which he did eat. Once, I added organ meat (liver and heart) and he was willing to eat some.  At another time, the moment I added some liver, he walked off and refused to eat for the longest time after that.

I am sure you can understand that in his current state (so, so emaciated), my priority would be letting him eat anything he wants, as long as he eats it. If not, I’ve read that CKD cats sometimes starve to death.

That’s scary, isn’t it? That certainly isn’t a good way to go.

But constantly, the vet had reminded me that Vincent’s raw diet must include organs.

Today he explained why. Muscle meat provides certain electrolytes and organs provide a different set of electrolytes. By just giving muscle meat, we are giving him a very imbalanced diet which would do more harm to his kidneys. He needs to eat organs as well.

This explanation hit me hard. I MUST include some organs now. And find some way to make Vincent eat it.

If only he’d eat Cubgrub (it’s totally balanced with muscle meat, organs, bone, etc.), but Vincent refuses.

When we got home from the clinic, the first thing I did was to take out a container of organ meat (liver and heart) from the freezer to thaw. But please take note that we mustn’t overfeed liver because it contains fat and can lead to pancreatitis.

I had already bought a fair bit of liver and heart initially (that is why I have the supply, all frozen) but I didn’t persist in giving Vincent when I could see he didn’t like it at all. My bad…

At about 2pm, Vincent wanted to eat, so I gave him his usual raw meat.

Then, I put a slice of liver and heart into his bowl. Prayed hard he wouldn’t sniff at it and walk away (and miss this whole precious round of eating).

He didn’t walk away.

First, he licked it. Then, he tried to pick it up with his mouth.

I prayed hard – please eat it, Vincent. It’s good for you. It’s important for you.

Guess what…he ate it!

Now, on hindsight I do wonder if Vincent understands what the vet “says”. I don’t mean this literally, but more of “sensing” at a higher (even spiritual, if you like) level.

Yes!!  He ate almost all the organ meats that I gave him.

Today is a GOOD day!

I also added a tablespoon of Cubgrub into his bowl hoping he would “rediscover” the taste and how much he used to love it previously. But no, no such luck. He sniffed at it and didn’t eat it at all. Sigh…

If only you’d eat Cubgrub, Vincent, you will get a balanced diet already. And also the best diet for your current condition (raw is more easily digested).

Now, the next thing I must share here is my misconception about the subcut. I had earlier thought that the subcut is only needed whenever Vincent looks bad or refuses to eat for more than 24 hours.

In actual fact, the vet told me this assumption is incorrect. Vincent should be given subcut regardless of whether he eats or not. The planned schedule is once in two days and we must stick to this.

Another eye-opener: Don’t simply assume things. Always ask to reconfirm.

Subcut every two days – ok!

Learnt two good lessons today.

4 comments to A more “balanced” diet for Vincent and more about his subcuts

  • Chen

    Eat, Vincent, eat! Keep eating!

    Regarding the subcutaneous, have you considered injecting the fluid into the loose scruff instead of the sides if he starts fighting it? Maybe it feels weird when his sides feel heavy. So putting it into the scruff as the second location may feel more comfy for him. Check with the vet?

    • chankahyein

      I will ask the vet, thanks!! But the vet did explain why they may struggle. I will write a post about this. So many things I learnt today!

  • Emma

    I learnt from the vet – the down side about subcut being done on the scruff is that if there is any infection (eg, infected needle), bacteria can easily travel to the brain.