Another opinion for Pole

Last night, I managed to receive a response from a senior vet whom I consulted about Pole. This vet agreed that we needn’t wait for 2 weeks with the medication. Instead, we should get the blood test done as soon as possible (results could be obtained within 20 mins) and if Pole is fit for general anaesthesia, we should go ahead with the tooth extraction.

With that being the case, I was advised to take Pole back to the clinic today and get an evaluation.

So, I got up at 4am this morning and thought that I would feed Pole (and everyone else, of course) as early as possible just in case the blood test needed fasting or if the operation could be done today, she would have sufficient fasting (8 hours without food) for it.

First, Pole wasn’t interested in eating, she ran away to the garden while everyone else ate. Finally, when she came back to her eating station, I offered her Cubgrub. She ate about half of it, then the pawing ensued. Poor girl…the mouth must still hurt despite the medication, but granted it definitely hurts much less since she is active and could eat.

Once she does the pawing, she won’t eat anymore.

Meanwhile, Vincent’s last meal was at 10am yesterday.  Although it was an A+ meal, he couldn’t eat throughout the day (staring game). Now, he didn’t even come into the kitchen. I’ll wait until he comes in by himself. I think he needs another subcut today.

Despite not eating for almost a day, I weighed Vincent and he is 2.6kg this morning. Well, it’s good enough even if we can maintain his weight. Any further weight loss would not be a good sign.

As for Ginger, the wounds are healing well. I’ve already pilled him and clean the wounds.

Today is going to be a long day…

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