Ginger’s wound is still infected

Luckily the vet insisted on seeing Ginger again today.

If he had left it to us, we wouldn’t have brought Ginger back because (in our untrained mind and eye), we really thought Ginger’s wound was healing very well.

But the vet said he would like to see Ginger again.

However, Ginger had other plans.

As though he knew, he escaped from the front door (our little guy doesn’t learn that he is at risk being outside in the porch with the terrorist-Zurik) and sat under the car.

When we tried to catch him, he evaded us and landed up on the ledge, trying to make a run for it. 

This is very tricky business, I know.

Once he goes onto the neighbour’s roof, it’s “game over” for us.

So, I changed our game plan. I brought out some AD and approached him slowly. Ginger’s eyes lighted up when he smelled the AD and I knew I had a chance.

But he was smart, he was all prepared to forgo eating the AD. So he stayed where he was and there I was, offering him the food.

I could have left the food on the garbage compartment top hoping he might come down, but we were rather pressed for time. My husband had already put Vincent into the car.

So, I took a risk and climbed up to the garbage compartment top, holding the bowl of AD as close to Ginger as I could as inducement (Don’t run off, please don’t run off). Here’s where you need strong back muscles! Luckily my back has healed a lot (not entirely, but a lot) since starting Stretch Therapy. So I was able to climb up and carry Ginger down.

And off we went to the vet’s.

The vet examined Ginger’s arm and found that the wound is actually still very much infected. It is swollen, but it is not swelling at the puncture wounds. Aha…that is why we didn’t know. It was swollen above the wound.

Ginger’s lymph nodes around that area are still swollen too.

The infection is still there.

The treatment plan now is to increase the Clavomox to 1.5 tablets twice a day. Previously, it was 1 tablet twice a day.

OK, pilling Ginger is a breeze (touch wood).

If by one week, it still doesn’t subside, we would have to do more.

I hope it doesn’t come down to a lancing procedure as that would require GA and GA is tricky in a fat cat.

LUCKILY we managed to catch Ginger and take him to the vet for a qualified examination!  Otherwise, we would never have known and it would just get worse….(scary, isn’t it?). The actual puncture wounds are dry and yes, they have even closed up, but inside, the infection is still festering. It’s not even purplish on the skin, so we thought all was well. We didn’t know there was a lump above it. Yikes…

No more going out to the porch for you, Ginger. Zurik might just beat you up again.


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