Pole and Ginger

We came home from the clinic and Pole wanted food. So I gave her a selection of Monge and Cubgrub (these are the only brands she would eat, along with her Monge kibble). But kibble should not be eaten now. She had just come back from having tartar scratched out from her teeth and she still has gingivitis.

But, Pole refused to eat the Cubgrub or Monge (wetfood).

So, I let her be.

And she started making a racket.

Mewing non-stop, pacing to and fro.

After a long time of mewing, I decided to just let her have what she wants – kibble.

Now, why on earth would she want kibble if she had already experienced the pain it would give her (the past few times, it ended with her pawing her mouth and grinding her teeth)?

She wanted kibble.

Then, ended up pawing her mouth and grinding her teeth again. Sigh…

May I have some more? 

Luckily by evening, she was willing to eat some Monge. At least it’s wetfood.

Her staple food is Cubgrub, which she absolutely loves.

Why wouldn’t she eat it now?? She could just lick it all up. No chewing required.

By the way, Pole doesn’t know how to eat cut-up raw meat. She doesn’t register it as food. So, her food choices are oh-so-limited.

Meanwhile, we have told Ginger repeatedly that he cannot go out to the porch anymore as he runs the risk of being beaten up (and injured) by Mr Zurik.

So, Ginger is demanding for more privileges in the house.

Yes, like taking over an entire sofa, all for himself!

Ginger has a history of not healing well or fast from bite wounds. Remember 6 years ago when he got bitten by Mr Quack? That was scary and he almost lost his paw, but that was how Ginger came to our house. The rest is history….