Vincent’s evaluation

The vet wanted to see Vincent as well, so we took both Ginger and Vincent to the clinic.

I had been keeping the vet informed about Vincent’s condition throughout the weekend.

After examining Vincent today, the vet thinks that the “weight gain” was probably due to hydration (because of the subcut and the food he is eating). So, maybe it’s not really “weight gain” at all.

However, what we can rejoice over is that the weight has not gone down. Yes, I did suspect that the 300g weight gain could have been insignificant and due to these reasons too.

It’s okay, still good that the weight hasn’t gone down drastically like it did in the earlier weeks.

Vincent also looks brighter, the vet said and that’s good. It must be after today’s home subcut and that one meal that he ate.

However, here’s the bad news – upon checking Vincent’s mouth, the vet said the mouth ulcers are not as red as before (good) but more ulcers have developed. Oh dear…

Poor Vincent…the ulcers must be so, so painful.

Not as red but more ulcers now. Sigh…

There are more ulcers on the tongue now. Poor, poor Vincent.

We know the mouth ulcers are a consequence of the kidney failure. There’s nothing much we can do about this.

But the vet suggested that we switch back to Clavomox again. Maybe it works better than Baytril for Vincent’s problems.

The flu is still there and the nose was bleeding too.

The vet cleaned him up and Vincent felt much better.

He is really very comfortable at the vet’s. Vincent was actually purring throughout.

I asked the vet how long it takes before the subcut takes effect. He said it usually takes about 6 hours. So, the fact that Vincent ate 15 mins after today’s subcut was almost definitely NOT due to the effect of the subcut. Rather, as the vet explained, it could be due to two of the following reasons: One, something in the subcut triggered something that made him want to eat. Or two, he liked the attention he got (during the subcut, even if it ended negatively with a violent struggle, still, it is attention), so it made him psychologically happier and he decided to eat.

Now, that is a theory I agreed to because Vincent has always been very attention-seeking. He is a super manja-pot.

We must endeavour to give him more attention. The psychological effect is as important as medication when it comes to healing.

So, I still have to nurse three patients – Pole, Ginger and Vincent.

It just makes me more determined to go for more Stretch Therapy sessions because not only does it help me heal my injured and tight muscles, it definitely gives me better wellbeing, more alertness and a more positive frame of mind.

I definitely need this!

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