Vincent’s subcut

Since Vincent still has no appetite this morning, a subcut was definitely due. We gave him his medicines first (a bit of a struggle there). Then, proceeded with the subcut.

Needle in.

He was very well behaved…until we reached about 80ml. Then, the resistance started.

We tried to push it to 150ml, but the resistance became a struggle and we needed to hold him down. Then, he got violent, so we let him go. But we managed about 130ml so that’s better than nothing.

Hopefully, he will eat after the subcut.

Today is going to be a very busy day. I have to take Pole to this other vet (since she started with this clinic) for an evaluation. Then, we will take Vincent and Ginger for a check-up at their vet’s.

Busy, busy, busy….hopefully it ends with good news.

An update:

About 15 minutes after the subcut, Vincent wanted to eat.


It’s been 22.5 hours since his last meal at 10am yesterday.

While Vincent wanted raw meat, Pole wanted kibble….why, Pole? Don’t your gums hurt?

Vincent ate heartily. An A+ meal!

It takes a lot of patience and “reading” of body language to handle Vincent. One wrong interpretation and I might have missed a chance to get him to eat. Or, to let him eat more. Sometimes, he stops, but it is not because he doesn’t want anymore, it’s because that particular piece has a “wrong thickness” or is in a position on the bowl where Vincent cannot pick up. If I can read this, then all I would have to do is to re-position the piece and he will continue eating!

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