An extended “staring game”

Just as I was rejoicing over Vincent’s weight gain, we seem to have a setback again now.

Vincent didn’t want to eat this morning, so that was okay. Maybe it was too early and he wasn’t hungry yet.

At 7.15am, he came into the kitchen asking for food. I offered, but nothing was right, so after a few minutes, he went out.

Then, at 9.50am, he came into the kitchen to ask for food again.

And the nightmare begins…

Patiently, offered him one type after another…semua tak betul.

And yet, he kept waiting. I really didn’t know what he wanted anymore. I even added the probiotics thinking he might want that – no.

He finally went to drink water and then, went back to his landing. Luckily the food wasn’t wasted. Heidi ate it up.

Once the food is thawed, I cannot re-freeze it. And once it is offered, I cannot keep it again for another meal. At the rate we are going, having to offer so many types of food, there’s going to be a lot of wastage if our other cats don’t eat it up.

Anyway, I knew he was hungry, so I thought I’d try offering again at the landing. I had not tried C&J yet.

He licked a little.

Then, he ate, but only a bit. I have never had a “C” classification for a meal before, but I’ll put this as a “C” in my records.

He didn’t even finish that little bit.

Then, he looked at me again, staring.

I offered raw meat only – no. Raw meat with some liver gravy – no.

Liver only – no.

Raw meat and liver and heart – no.

I have been trying to minimise the number of pills he has to take because he still doesn’t like being pilled, so since he had been eating well, I skipped the Vit B Complex yesterday. But since he is demonstrating a lack of appetite again, I gave a tablet to him. He fought, of course.

The vet had said that for Vincent, we should try to achieve maximum results with minimum medication. And it is largely because he is so difficult to pill.


At about 10.24am, he came down from his landing and went to the kitchen asking for food again. But nothing was right.

At this point, I had to give up or both of us would go insane. So, I drove out to buy chicken neck and a new supply of muscle meat plus organs. The supermarket that I usually get my supplies from did not sell chicken necks, so I had to drive to a hypermarket. This place sold, so I bought a packet.

Came home, all excited, hoping some fresh chicken might entice him to eat.

Everyone came into the kitchen. They could smell fresh meat. Vincent came to, and here’s another sad episode. Nothing was right again, and yet, he kept waiting.

I offered the chicken neck to him first, but he didn’t want any. But, when he saw Ginger eating the same thing, he got excited. And then, he looked at me.

Even Indy wanted some, from the window.

I offered muscle meat, organs, muscle meat + organs, muscle meat + organs + neck, etc. All – no.

But he kept waiting. I offered C&J again – no.

And he kept staring at me.

It was truly frustrating, but you just have to stay calm and be as understanding as you can. I don’t think he is deliberately being difficult. It’s his condition. Even human kidney patients don’t have appetite. Furthermore, Vincent cannot make me understand what he wants. Or rather, I don’t understand him. But the fact that he didn’t walk away and still remained in the kitchen meant that he wanted something?

But what? I really don’t know anymore.

I offered Monge – no.

Finally he went away.

We’ve got to do the subcut today. That’s for sure.

Vincent, it’s been so hard for us to achieve this weight gain. Please, please…try to eat something afterwards.