Biosilver-ed everyone

I’ve decided to apply Biosilver to all our cats on a weekly basis as maintenance for their gums.

Gingivitis can lead to kidney disease later in life because the body recognises the gingivits and produces antibodies to fight it. Globulins are antibodies and these damage the nephrons in the kidneys.

As explained by the senior vet the other day, Vincent’s kidney disease was inevitable. He had stomatitis two years ago, which was very serious and resulted in two tooth extractions. But the stomatitis would have taken a toll on his body which eventually led to what we see today.

Just now, we Biosilver-ed all our cats. Everyone was easy (even Pole and Cleo, surprisingly)…except Vincent. He put up a fight, but it wasn’t as bad.

As it stands, we already know that Cow has a rotten tooth, Indy has gum problems, Pole has gingivitis, Heidi had bad teeth when she first came and Ginger has bad breath and gum problems. Vincent has severe mouth ulcers. For his case, it’s almost like a vicious cycle – the stomatitis two years ago probably triggered the slow damage of his kidneys and now the kidney damage has lead to severe mouth ulcers.

So, yes, everyone needs to be Biosilver-ed, for treatment as well as prevention.

But as always, please consult your veterinarian for a professional opinion before using any product on your animals. For my cats, Biosilver was recommended by one of our vets.

This is just a sharing.


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