Her Royal Poleness

A portrait that says: Regal, Majestic, Stately, Dignified, Resplendent, Immaculate.

Pole has not fully recovered yet. Yesterday she was sneezing quite badly. She is still on Baytril and I give her Vetri DMG. Today, the sneezing is significantly reduced. We cannot open her mouth to check on her gingivitis, so we will use her ability to eat as a yardstick. Her appetite still isn’t back to normal, but I don’t see her pawing at mouth or grinding her teeth anymore. She is also immaculately clean, as she always has been.

Ginger is still occasionally sleeping the cage. This is an indication that he is not fully well yet. The cage is a sick-bay (or hospital) for him. I felt his paws (you have to feel both sides to note the difference) and the side with the wounds still has a small lump. He is still on antibiotics.

Most of the time, he takes the sofa.

Dame Heidi and Her Royal Tabness.

Vincent was seen walking in and out, from the landing to the patio and back. He is trying to get my attention, I know. Tomorrow, I will take him for a replacement subcut.

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