Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again…

…and expecting different results – Einstein.

That’s me. Going insane.

So, shortly after the almost-failed subcut, Vincent came to the kitchen asking for food again.

I did the same thing, again. Yes, going insane.

Vincent, if you don’t want to eat, please don’t come to the kitchen. Can?

After everything was just “not right” for Vincent and he refused to eat, I prepared food for the Cow Clan, but Vincent stared at me, so I just put the whole bowl down for him.

Mau makan, makan. Tak mau makan, sudah. 

The thing is, he sniffed at the three types of food in the bowl, waited a while and decided to walk away…

Vincent: The taste just isn’t right…

Ya, semua tak betul.

I left him alone and went to feed the Cow Clan. By the way, Pole is also being very fussy. Also, had to offer a few types. She finally settled for home-cooked food (something she previously didn’t eat).

When I came out, Vincent was doing this behind the chair…

Muka kesian, soldier?

What muka kesian….if you want to eat, come into the kitchen and I’ll feed you.

I did not say all that aloud, but I did think it.  You don’t have to speak aloud when “talking” to a cat. You just have to make your thoughts effective enough to reach them.

He came in.

I offered Cubgrub this time. He turned away immediately. Ok, that means Cubgrub is off the menu for now.

He went to drink water. Fine. Ginger came to eat up the Cubgrub.

As he was drinking water, I thought: Look, all this food costs money, Vincent. If you don’t want to eat, please don’t give me the “illusion” that you want food by coming to the kitchen and staring at me. After thawing, I cannot refreeze the food. After offering to you for so long and you don’t eat, I have to keep the food but it is already a bit contaminated. And I have to thaw enough for you each day, but I don’t know how much you need. I got to work hard to earn money to feed all of you. So, please… And I have to spend so much time going insane (doing the same thing of offering various foods to you only to be turned down by you).

I know I was insane thinking that Vincent would understand all these rather complicated human thoughts. But…I just had to let it all out.

And he kept sitting, refusing to budge and stared at me.

What food do you want, Vincent?



Okay, here’s the deal, I thought to myself. Your last proper meal was last night at 10pm. It’s now almost 2pm. I will give you until 10pm tonight before I do this insane thing again. I’m not going to go insane right now.

Six types of food and none of them is right.

Ok, see you at 10pm tonight, okay?

And I was about to leave the kitchen, but he came towards me and looked.

What do you want, Vincent? We have tried six types of food and you don’t want any, so why are you staring?

Once last ditch effort…I opened up the container with today’s freshly bought muscle meat and heart (already offered this umpteen times today) and laid it in front of him. I’m already so tired of pouring the food out of the container, back into the bowl, back into the container, and into the bowl, etc. The food will get contaminated this way.

So, there…here’s the whole container. Take it or leave it.

He sniffed at it. Thought for awhile. Deciding…

And then…….he started eating.

I held my breath.

It wasn’t easy for him to eat from that small container, but never mind. I’m not moving a muscle. Let him eat first.

Finally, after a considerable amount, I poured out the contents into a bowl for him.

Look at him eat. You tell me…why couldn’t you have just eaten just now?

He finished it and I added some more. Clearly, he was hungry.

Finally, he did not finish all, but it’s already good enough.

And I’m still sane.

I sent the second video to Vincent’s vet and he said I’m overly obsessing over Vincent’s food and Vincent knows it.

Bullying me, eh?

For the vet, he says it’s okay even if Vincent doesn’t eat for one day. No worries. It’s more important to evaluate how much he eats in 24 hours.

But I asked, if he doesn’t want to eat, why does he keep coming to the kitchen to stare at me?

The vet answered: Because he is a cat.

Spot on!

That’s it, Vincent. The next I hit the panic button will be at 2pm tomorrow.

And tomorrow, we are going to your good friend, the vet’s clinic, for a “replacement” subcut!