Queuing up at the watering hole

Vincent only ate twice today, and there were no “A” meals.

He licked a little bit of Coco&Joe’s at 10.11am and had a “B” meal of raw meat and organs at 1.55pm. Since then, he hasn’t eaten.

When Indy made the supper call just now, he came to the kitchen to join everyone too.

To be fair, I offered him some food as well, but he just stare at it for about 5-10 minutes. Then, I told him I had to keep the food already or it would spoil and all of it would be wasted. We will eat tomorrow.

He just drank water.

Ginger is queuing up for his turn.

It’s going to be a long wait, Ginger.

Because Vincent barely ate today, he lost 300g. I weighed him just now. He’s 2.7kg. Well, for someone who barely ate and is still 2.7kg, I suppose that’s acceptable. Hopefully with tomorrow’s subcut, he would have appetite again and will eat.

Vincent, the only way you are going to put on weight is to eat. You must eat. You don’t like being force-fed, we know, and you’ll fight and the doctor say it’s just a total waste because the energy you expend while fighting and struggling will be more than whatever energy you can get from the morsel of food that we force-feed you. And we haven’t got to the stress part yet. Stress kills…literally.

I tried giving Vincent some Complivit just now. He fought back. You see?  What’s the point?

So, it’s all up to you, Vincent. We are already doing all we can for you. It’s all up to you.

Tabs: I concur.

Years ago, when Tabs was very seriously ill and hospitalised for days, I camped at the clinic and force-fed her. Despite vomiting (which is probably nausea), having high fever and no appetite, Tabs obediently ate all the force-fed food (which was blended ID with water) which I fed using a large syringe. Like clockwork, the vet told me to force-feed because Tabs was considered a “fat cat” and he was worried about hepatic lipidosis. Tabs was very critical and almost lost her life, but she pulled through. We had to give different antibiotics but there were no problems medicating her. She was on drips for several days.

So, Vincent, you have to eat. If you don’t, you’re just going to lose all this weight again and we’ll be back to square one.

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