Thanks to hydration (Vincent’s stories)

I thought of writing “Vincent’s progress” as the subject for this post, but I still don’t dare…

It is too early to call it “progress”, even though Vincent’s vet is very happy with today’s weight gain news. He calls it “very, very good progress”.  Yay!

He also explained this: “But a better indication of health is just to see his overall body condition. Remember the body is like a sponge. As you do the fluids, cells in the muscles and organs start to get fluids. So that may be why the weight is going up. In itself it is still very, very good progress. Good rehydration status could solve a lot of problems like protein synthesis and appetite as well as general well being. Anyway, make sure you do the subcut fluids today.”

Yes, sirree! Subcut today!

Now that I understand that the subcut must be carried out on schedule (every alternate day) regardless of whether Vincent is eating or not, it will be carried out on schedule. Definitely!

Vincent likes being wiped with the wet flannel.

He has also been going out to the patio.

When he was well, he liked to pee on this spot.

Peek-a-boo, Vince!

I started filling up Mr Zurik’s kibble jar, so Vincent heard the noise and came into the kitchen. It looked like he wanted to eat.

So I offered his raw meat with one slice of liver – no.

Stared for a few minutes.

So I opened a fresh can of Coco&Joe’s, he got excited and his eyes lit up. He then walked towards me, so I offered him a bowl.


And he looked at me some more.

Hmm….I don’t know what you want, Vincent.

I took away the slice of the liver from the first bowl – no.

I prepared a fresh bowl of just muscle meat – no.

I was tempted to add some probiotics into it, but let’s not…not yet. Don’t push it. I’m thinking maybe I could sprinkle some nutritional yeast to try next. Maybe…

No? Well, it’s okay. Maybe later…

No pressure.

He only wanted to drink water.

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