And the monsters attacked…

…the new food!

Like dinosaurs, they devoured it.

It’s Cindy’s new Naturelle kibble for cats (which, incidentally, we will be selling to raise funds). It’s from Avant Pet, our only corporate supporter. Cindy’s Naturelle (grain-free) kibble is from France. For a grain-free product, its prices are very competitive.

We are selling the full range of Cindy’s products. They are Avant Pet’s proudly home-grown brand with top-notch quality ingredients. They even have cleaning products now.

Please wait for our updated advertisement.

We hope you’ll support us if you would like to purchase Cindy’s products because we are running on reserves now and may not be able to last very long. So, yes, we need to raise funds again.

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Ginger, Heidi and Tabs loved the new food. And Vincent didn’t want to be left out, he wanted some too. So I gave him a bowl, but poor thing…of course he couldn’t eat it. Earlier on, I decided to let him try a bit, because you’ll never know…maybe he can eat it? Take for example, Pole. Pole was eating kibble even when her gums hurt. In fact, for some strange reason, she wanted kibble!

He tried a few pellets, but I think it must have hurt. So I quickly gave him back his raw meat.

Tabs wanted more!

The inside clan attacked the new food like dinosaurs…

Indy defended his bowl like a predator. He fought Cleo off.

At ease, carnivores, at ease!

Vincent didn’t want the raw meat, he wanted kibble like everyone else.

He didn’t want to be left out…..aww.

We waited until everyone had left the kitchen, then I gave him his raw food and placed a few pellets on top (so that he won’t feel left out of the new food). Told him it’s okay, we can eat kibble next time when his mouth ulcers have recovered.

And he ate.

And “A” meal! He managed to eat a few pellets too!

Looks like we are settled on the last step.

Vincent, is this your way of saying that you have hit rock bottom and that there is no other way now but up?

Hope so, hope so!!

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