Good morning, Vincent!

At 5am this morning, Vincent came into our bedroom and “honked”. Yes, his mew sounds like honking.

I thought he might want some food since his last meal was at around 2pm yesterday, but I hadn’t had enough sleep for many days now, so I didn’t want to get up yet. Note to self: If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of your pets? And I know that when I have a medical problem, it is usually something serious, something that would baffle doctors and it would be prolonged (my last one lasted from Dec 2017 to Aug 2018 – long story, indeed), so I’m not about to get sick when I’ve just “reclaimed” my health now.

So, I let him be. He wandered around the bedroom, jumped onto the table and was curious – all good signs. Then, he settled down (still in the bedroom). This is despite Heidi and Tabs being on the bed with us. Usually Heidi and Tabs would defend their territory, but they let Vincent stay. Good girls.

Last night, I made peace with Vincent. I’ve been getting quite frustrated with his staring game. I mean, I’ve been dealing with it for so long now. Even before we started treatment, he was already doing this – being very fussy with food. It’s much “worse” now, and one can only last so long without letting it all out.

So, anyway, last night, I decided to let peace and calm reign. Frustration – out of the window. So I went up to Vincent on his landing and gave him a good warm sponge with the flannel wipecloth. He obviously liked it. Then, I spent sometime with him and talked to him.

Immediately after that, he followed me down and went to the kitchen.

Hmm….you want food, Vincent?

I thought it’s worth a try. Let’s not miss out on an opportunity to feed him when the opportunity is there.

So I offered some food.

He tried. Vincent licked a bit of it but he couldn’t eat.

That’s okay, Vincent. No pressure.

His vet said he wouldn’t worry at all if Vincent did not eat for one day. He’s more interested in his hydration and body condition. So, we shall adopt that stand as well.

It has also been rather cold these last few days, with the rain. I thought Vincent might appreciate a blanket, so I placed one at his usual place, but a bit further away. I don’t know if this insulted Vincent because he doesn’t go to the top of the landing anymore since then. In fact, it’s rather funny. He has been “descending” on the steps. One step down each time.

My son, Jia-Wen, joked that probably by the time Vincent reaches the bottom step, he would have recovered!

Well, a recovery? No, not possible. But feeling better? Hopefully.

As of last night, he had reached somewhere in the middle.

So, breakfast this morning:

Vincent was excited and came into the kitchen with the rest. But as I was taking out all the food options, he got tired of waiting, so he went out. I fed everyone else and now, I’m waiting for my husband to get up so that I can feed Vincent his medicines for the morning.

For Vincent in this morning pilling session: Clavomox, a quarter of the Baytril, the Azodyl, 2.5ml of Vetri DMG to wash each tablet down. And lastly, Biosilver to just clean his gums and hopefully, treat the ulcers.

I’m excited to get the vet to check if Vincent’s ulcers have healed even a little. If it has, then maybe the Biosilver is working. If it hasn’t, then we shall decide whether to continue or not. His ulcers are so, so severe and there had been absolutely no change during the 21 days of Clavomox. It wouldn’t hurt to try this out for the short term. If anything, at least it would provide some relief for the pain from the ulcers and hopefully, enable him to eat better.

Stomorgyl provided a lot of healing to his ulcers the last time, but he cannot be given it now, due to this condition. Also, it was a nightmare to force-feed the half tablet of Stomorgyl because it was so big and apparently, very bitter.

I wanted to give him the golden paste but the taste would drive him crazy and even if I capsulated it, he would put up a fight. However, I still have two options – 2 years ago, Vincent’s vet (the senior vet who did the tooth extraction) told me about the Anugerah kunyit capsules which his clients have used successfully to control stomatitis in their cats (however, this is just anecdotal sharing). My friend also uses the Anugerah for all her dogs. But the Anugerah is still a large capsule. Then, there is also another turmeric product which my friend recommended. Again, just a sharing.  

Meanwhile, our pilling candidate is here.

I have already pilled Ginger. What a total darling he (still) is!

Surprisingly, even Pole allows us to pill her now. The nightmarish struggle only happened for two days. So, my hunch was right. It’s probably because Pole hadn’t been sick all her life, so pilling is something very strange (and threatening) to her. Of course any self-respecting and self-preserving cat would put up a fight, right? That’s completely understandable. But she probably knows we mean well now, so there is no more struggle from her.

See? That’s good, isn’t it?

But with Vincent, it has actually been more than two months since his hospitalisation and all this treatment started, but he is still resisting so badly.

Vincent, oh Vincent…You just want to sit on that throne, don’t you?

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