It’s a long, long way up….(but we’re right here for you, Vincent!)

Vincent’s chosen place was the top of the landing of our staircase for many days.

Then, since yesterday, he started migrating down, step by step!

It was really strange. Each time, he came downstairs, he would go back up to rest, but it would be a step (or a few steps down).

This morning, he reached “rock bottom” – the last step. He came back to this last step many times today.

We all wondered what he would do next. Would he find a new spot somewhere else in the house?

Here’s our answer:

He’s going up! Step by step?

Vincent, does this mean that you have reached rock bottom and now there is no way but up?

For those new to this blog: Vincent has chronic kidney failure. He used to be a robust 5.7kg “soldier” in our community cat clan. Around August this year, he started losing weight and the deterioration became very drastic as he went from 3.1kg to 2.5kg in a very short time even though he was still eating very well. From then on, it was downhill and last week was a very bad week.

Early yesterday morning, after a good day the day before, Vincent tipped the scales at 3.0kg! But it was rather short-lived joy as he went back down when he couldn’t eat again.

Now, the most important thing (the very No. 1 priority) is to maintain and increase his hydration. So, the subcutaneous fluids are of paramount importance.

After today’s subcut, Vincent ate another 3 hearty meals.

Just now, he weighed 2.9kg. His weight will fluctuate at this stage and is very much dependent on his hydration and food intake.

We thank everyone who is rooting for Vincent.  Your moral support means the world to me!

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