The rest of the Cindy’s Recipe’s products

We sell the full range of Cindy’s products, including their cleaning agents. Free delivery is provided to the Klang Valley for a minimum purchase of RM300.

Please check their products out:

Some of the popular Cindy’s products (besides the latest grain-free Naturelle which is selling like hot cakes!)


Their goat’s milk canned food is for kittens and the latest is the Tuna for convalescing adult cats. RM65 per box of 24 cans.

Lactose-free kitten and cat milk from Belgium
RM70 for a box of 12 bottles

The ever-popular Cindy’s canned food.  RM65 per box of 24 cans.
We are selling the ones with broth, but if you like jelly, we can get those as well.

Cindy’s cleaning products:


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