Vincent’s meals after the subcut

So, did Vincent eat after today’s complete (and extra) subcut?

Of course he did!

He ate after we returned from the vet’s.

I’ll say this was a “B” meal.

Jia-Wen saw something very touching last night. Apparently, Vincent had slept until his head was drooping from the stairs. It was actually quite a scary sight. Tabs was worried and went up to pat Vincent on the head. Then, Vincent got up.

Aww…isn’t Tabs the sweetest cat?

After his “B” meal of raw meat, he seemed to want more, so I offered some C&J but no, that’s no what he wanted.

He finally settled back for the raw meat.

Seems like he has decided his staple food is going to be raw meat. That’s pretty smart since it’s the “best” food for his current kidney condition (which is chronic anyway).

Hey, look!  Isn’t that cute…he’s descending the stairs.

I noticed that each time Ginger eats his dim sum kibble, Vincent eyes would light up, but when I offered him kibble, he didn’t want any.

So, I went down to the pet store to see if I could buy any new food for him. Some variety would be good. A change might entice him to eat too.

My friend, Amy, gave me these samples. It’s from Cindy’s Recipe from Avant Pet. It’s a new product and it’s selling very well.

Amy also gave me this Sheba canned food to try, for Vincent.

Vincent was super excited when I opened the Cindy kibble. But it was kibble, so he only ate a little bit. I am sure it hurts his ulcers. Poor little guy…


I tried the Sheba too and Vincent licked up some of the gravy, but he didn’t like the shredded meat. I know, he likes to pick up chunks of meat with his mouth, not thin shreds.


…he settled back for his home-prepared raw food of meat and organs.

Well, smart boy, in a way. He prefers unprocessed food.

Look!!  We are on the last set now. Where will he go next?

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