What an angel you are, Vincent (at the vet’s and after)

I’ll tell today’s story in chronological order.

After the usual sniff-and-stare game, Vincent finally ate his raw meat breakfast this morning.

Good boy, Vincent. I cannot play this game too long as I have to get to work.

Meanwhile, Vincent has migrated to this step now.

He really is descending the stairs – is this also a game?

The descent started when I placed this blanket for me at his usual spot.

Since then, he refused to go back to the landing. He just kept descending.

Are you offended by the blanket, Vincent?

After coming home from work, it was time to take Ginger and Vincent to the vet. Throughout the car ride, only Ginger made mewing noises. Vincent was as cool as a cucumber. After all, he is going to visit his best friends (the vets).

The vet examined Ginger first. There is improvement. The lump is smaller now. His lymph nodes are of normal size. Plan: Continue and finish the antibiotics. He should be okay. No need anymore cleaning or application of iodine – wounds have healed. Sometimes, after the wound has healed, there could be an abscess inside (trapped), but sooner or later it would burst and the pus will flow out. That’s what happened with Tiger’s multiple abscesses last time.

Then, it was Vincent’s turn.

His body condition is “okay”. He looks a bit better than he did in the previous visit. Still dehydrated but a little better than last time. Weighed him and on the vet’s scale, it was 2.5kg (sigh), but at least it is maintained (this is why he must eat at least twice a day, not just once). As long as the weight does not go down further, we should be thankful enough.

Now, his mouth ulcers – still the same as the previous visit, which was just three days ago. The vet said I could continue with the Biosilver spray as three days isn’t enough to see results. No harm trying.

In this link, Dr Karen Becker commented about the use of silver on pets:
It is actually a write-up by Mercola. 

Same, no change. But it was only three days ago. At least it’s not redder and not more ulcers – just be thankful for small mercies.

Time for the subcut…

Vincent was a TOTAL angel. No restraint needed at all. He rested his head on my hand throughout. He was so comfortable, and we reached 150ml with no issues at all, and even extended for some bonus fluids.

Could have even extended longer as there was no struggle from him at all, but it was already more than enough.

There you see…he bullies us.

The vet comforted us and told us that she can handle her clients’ pets very well but her own cats bully her too. And she has problem pilling them as well.

Ah…then it’s a “thing” with cats, isn’t it?

The vet suggested that we try a different venue to do the subcut for Vincent. Good idea! I’m thinking of using the bedroom.

Plan for Vincent: Continue with Clavomox and Azodyl. For the next three days, do daily subcuts (please wish us all the best of luck).

The vet said not to give in too much to Vincent’s fussiness over food. Just offer the food and if he doesn’t want, take it away and be done with it.

It’s sound advice. I think either Vincent knows he can get a lot of attention by doing this to me OR he senses my anxiety and the atmosphere becomes a rather negative one.

I was also given a small sterile container to try and collect Vincent’s urine sample and get it tested for proteins.

We discussed the use of Semintra, a drug for CKD cats:

Vincent is not qualified to use this drug now because he is dehydrated. It can only be given to CKD cats who are well-hydrated. Dehydrated cats can actually die from using this drug. The vet explained the whole mechanism to me.

Also, there was a case of a family with two CKD cats. The cat on Semintra passed on while the one not on Semintra is still alive now. There could have been other factors involved, of course. No one can pinpoint the cause of death to any particular drug unless it’s a totally wrongly-used drug with confirmed detrimental effects.

I have enquired about using this for Vincent, so the vet explained everything in detail today.

By the way, as always, this is only a sharing, so if your pet has a similar illness, please consult your veterinarian for professional advice.

Back home, Vincent seemed very happy. He always is, after a trip from the vet’s (his best friends).

Aren’t you an angel, Vincent!

Our darling Ginger.

Darling talking to Angel.

Now, with both of them living in the same territory (indoors), I hope Ginger won’t bully Vincent anymore. He probably won’t for now since Vincent is sick.

Is that a wink, Vincent?

Jia-Wen and I then went out for lunch and when we returned, guess who joined the welcoming party:


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