The moment of truth!! (the subcut at noon)

It was time for the subcut. Today’s would be the first of this new plan of doing subcut for three days continuously to see if it’s beneficial to Vincent.

I brought all the paraphernalia up to Ming-Yi’s room. It would be a totally “new” environment for Vincent as this room is seldom used. The door is always closed so it’s unfamiliar to him.

I couldn’t find the velvety cloth which the vet uses (she says most cats like that cloth), so I used a towel.

We are all ready to start.

We decided to try not restraining or touching him at all. We just let the drip flow and sat nearby. It was working well.

But after awhile, he moved and oops..the needle fell out.

So, we changed the needle and did it again, on a fresh spot.

Then, I texted the vet and asked him to “pray” for us…!!

I sent the video to the vet too.

Vet said to play with his neck and talk to him, which we were already doing.

I also told Vincent that his best friend, the vet, was watching and that I will send the video to him.

He he….

He fidgeted a bit, so we gently held him down.

Soon, we passed the 150ml mark – oh wow!!

I asked the vet if we should continue…

And we passed 190ml.

The vet said we could go up to 200ml. Then, stop.

At 200ml, Vincent was still as calm as the sea. Wow! It was almost a “waste” to stop…but of course we have to stop. The amount of fluids depends on his weight. Based on yesterday’s home scale, he was 2.9kg, so 5% of that would be 145ml. The vet said we could go up to 200ml. Some extras is beneficial especially when Vincent seems to be chronically dehydrated.

So, we pulled out the needle and Vincent didn’t even budge. He just continued sitting there, as calm as the sea. As calm as a cat? ha ha…

Such a good boy you are, Vincent!

Tomorrow, the plan is to video tape and send it to the vet (live) so that Vincent knows his vet is “there” with him!








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  1. Lay Peng

    A big applause to you Sis.