Vincent, the kung-fu exponent and Pole

Was hoping Vincent would eat Cubgrub (then my worry about a balanced meal would be over), but no. He didn’t want it. Just walked away. Maybe associates Cubgrub’s smell with being sick.

He went for his raw meat and organs, laced with probiotics. He still doesn’t eat chicken neck so we are short of calcium. I could try bone meal, which I use to make home-cooked catfood. But even to me, it has a bit of a distinctive odour. Maybe just a pinch.

Pole’s appetite it back to normal but this morning, it was particularly good. Yay!

We thought we should feature Heidi too…she’s licking up the half-boiled egg bowl.

We went off for Stretch Therapy this morning, then came back to administer the medicine (which requires two people). Ginger’s – already done single-handedly this morning.

In taiji, we always have to “soong si juo kua” (loosen the pelvis, sit and relax – takes years to learn this) and in defending against the opponent, we “go soft” so that the opponent cannot pick us up. Vincent doesn’t take taiji lessons but he has mastered this art. When we feed him his meds, he loosens and goes soft. This way, it’s very hard to handle him.

Vincent is not only a soldier but he is also a kung-fu exponent.

He must have been secretly watching kung-fu youtubes.

Miss Manja-Pots!

My husband calls this “baby-phou” and Pole loves it.