I need techie help, please

Update: Found an alternative way to go around it, but if anyone has a better solution, please do share.
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I need techie help, please.
To do AnimalCare work, many of our applicants send photos through Whatsapp and I would lift these photos off from WhatsappWeb onto my laptop, store them and upload into the blogpost. This saves A LOT of time, considering the numerous applications we get daily.
But this morning, when I lifted off photos from Whatsapp, the photos were in JFIF format (not JPEG) and this wordpress blog doesn’t allow photos in this format to be uploaded!!
I have to snip these photos, convert to jpeg format before I could upload them and this takes up so much time. I already have so much to do daily.  
Could anyone please help with some advice?
Is it my phone settings gone wonky or some change by Whatsapp?
Why change to JFIF format when it is not user-friendly or recognisable by other meda??? Sigh…
Please help.

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