Inching back to normalcy?

Vincent did a staring game when I came home from Stretch Therapy today. I offered some food and he stared. Nothing new. After 5 minutes of staring at the food, at me, back at the food, etc’, I kept the food.

Then, just now, at 12.30pm, Tabs and Heidi were hungry. Granted, they had a very early breakfast today.  So, I decided to serve Monge Tuna with Chicken today.

Vincent came too, and I offered him his (now) staple diet of raw meat and a slice of liver. I didn’t bother offering him Monge since he had been walking away from it for a few weeks now.

But, Vincent didn’t want his raw food. I “knew” he wanted Monge because he looked at Ginger eating and his eyes lit up. I’m pretty good at watching his eyes now…ha ha.

So, I offered a spoonful of Monge to him. He smelled and walked away.

Oh well….

Then, he came back.

Apa lu mau, Vincent?

Raw food? No. 


You want Monge?

So I tried, and…

Hey, hey, hey!!

Vincent is eating Monge again!! This is something he has not done for the longest time since falling sick.

Not that Monge is a complete diet or anything like that, but the fact that he is willing to eat something else could mean that (1) he wants some variety, (2) he has taken an interest in life, (3) pain and suffering isn’t overwhelming him, (4) we are returning to normalcy. I could go on but would be guilty of anthropomorphism!

Let’s just celebrate this small moment!


Waiting for husband to return from work so that we can do today’s subcut.

Be good, Vincent! We will be streaming his subcut live to his vet…! That is, if I don’t need both hands to restrain him.

My friend, Cathy, shared this:  Look at how the cat is so relaxed and is walking about as subcut is done!  But I guess it’s only possible if done at the scruff.  If done at the flank, walking might be difficult.

Our vet dose not favour during subcut at the scruff because in case of contamination, it would go directly to the brain and cause an infection there.

But the idea of taping the tube to give it some room for wiggle is a good idea. The belt can be done further up the cat’s chest since the needle is at the flank. This would prevent the needle from coming off.