More variety for Vincent

The things we do for our cats!

I ordered three flavours of Cindy’s Recipe (with broth) for Vincent.  I was quite motivated by Vincent’s interest in Monge this afternoon.  Maybe he is ready for some variety.  Cindy’s is grain-free and contains taurine.  It’s not a complete food, it’s complementary, but I know it’s made from quality human-grade ingredients.

I started with the Tuna with Katsuobushi, something exotic, Vincent?  I thought it’s a new taste, it might pique his curiosity. Provide a psychological jolt of sorts, you know.

Nah! Tak mahu…

Ok, one down.

I quickly gave him his Monge since he liked it this afternoon.

Yes, Monge – mahu. Cindy’s – tak mahu.

Tabs mahu. Tabs very mahu.

I thought he just didn’t like the new taste or smell of the katsuobushi, and since he likes Monge’s Tuna w Chicken, I’ll try Cindy’s Tuna w Chicken. It has broth, and it’s like gravy. The other day Vincent licked the gravy off some other food.

Yes, he was willing to eat this and happily licked up the broth and some of the tuna and chicken but I think he could not pick up the tuna flakes and chicken shreds so he left those behind.

Never mind. This is just a snack. He just had a full meal 2 hours ago.

The things we do for our pets!!

We will probably go back to his raw meat diet for his staple food.

Now…time for the subcut.  If you are reading this, we would appreciate your prayers…!

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  • Chen

    Be a good boy, Vincent. Don’t fight mama and eat your food.
    I mentioned the Japanese can food in an earlier comment. The can for 15-year old cats is supposedly formulated to be easier on the kidneys and digestion. One can is approx RM6.