3.2kg? For real?

We gave Vincent his meds for the night and since he was upstairs, we took everything upstairs for him.

I had earlier gone up to rub the (magical) Tramadol on his ears. I found him fast asleep and he was a picture of peace. It was just so, so nice seeing him being able to sleep so restfully. Before this, for weeks, he was always on his paws, in the meatloaf position. He couldn’t even lie down in a laterally recumbent position to sleep.

And now…here he is…sleeping so, so soundly.

It was quite a sight. A very happy one.

After that, it was time for his meds. Because I still need husband to help me with the giving of the meds, we have to adjust the time because husband’s working hours are so irregular.  So, we are pushing tonight’s meds to as late as possible.

Vincent was a bit reluctant to take his meds. He also began foaming when the antacid was given. Oh dear…no, Vincent. You KNOW how much good this has done for you. Please take it obediently.

Now, I was 100% sure the tiny little one-eighth of the Metrogyl had gone down, for sure. Swallowed, for sure.

So I came downstairs and Vincent followed me, happily trotting down the stairs (that itself, is a joy to watch – the happy trotting).

He came to the kitchen and asked for food again.

Again??  Ha ha…

I was a wee bit worried now…should he be eating so much today? It would be his sixth meal already.

But maybe he hadn’t been able to have a good meal or enjoy his meals so far too long, so, today, finally….he is able to.

I decided to give him some food now, but not too much.

Ate the canned food, then Cubgrub. More of Cubgrub.

After he finished, as I was about to pick up the bowl, guess what I found?

The tiny, tiny Metrogyl beside his bowl!

How on earth did he manage to keep the Metrogyl (which was given BEFORE the antacid, which is a thick liquid) in the mouth, come trotting down the stairs and spit it out neatly beside his bowl?

Indeed, how?

I picked up the yellow one-eighth of the pill and examined it. Yes, it’s the Metrogyl alright.

So, I had to single-handedly feed it to him again.

This time, I think he swallowed it..I hope!

Vincent, this tiny little tablet has done you SO much good. You must not spit it out, please.

I am not sure, but I think I caught a glimpse of his tongue and the ulcers didn’t look so red today.

Then, since I had him, I thought I’d weigh him, just for fun.

We use the difference of the weight, so it is seldom wrong.



3.2kg, Vincent?

Am I dreaming?

It must be all the fluids (250ml) and the SIX meals today!

I know it will probably go down again by tomorrow, when the food is digested and some protein is lost again, but never mind.

Let’s rejoice for today for today has been a great Vincent-Day!



3 comments to 3.2kg? For real?

  • Kelly

    Maybe medicine is bitter , that’s why he was forming after the med.( My vet told me last a time when my cat was foaming after medication) But I thought cat cant have taste much compare to smell in order to take in their food. Anyway, just for sharing, my vet said after medication, put in something (food or liquid doesn’t matter) strong in flavour on his tongue to compensate the bitter taste. All the best. Thanks for your sharing too. 😘

    • chankahyein

      Hi Kelly, yes, it is. The vet already warned me that MOST cats hate it and will foam at the mouth. But Vincent was so good the first two times – he swallowed it and didn’t foam at all. Didn’t even resist. Now, he is getting naughty! Thanks for the tip. I will try that…maybe chicken essence?

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