Vincent eats again (he can lick food again)!

Something IS happening…definitely.

Today, Vincent has eaten 5 meals and they were all good meals. He clearly and visibly enjoyed all his meals. No staring game at all. He just dived in and ate!

6.50am; 12.30pm; 2.30pm; 6.00pm; 8.30pm.

Ever since coming back from the vet’s yesterday, Vincent now resides upstairs (oh wow) in the family hall. He only comes down when he wants to eat.

And he come down again at 8.30pm just now, to ask for food. He sure is hungry today….maybe it’s the increased hydration (250ml subcut). But I think it’s also largely due to the Tramadol, the painkiller applied to the inside of the ears. It numbs pain, so Vincent can again eat all his (old) foods.

Started with Cindy’s Tender Chicken.

Then, a large spoonful of Cubgrub.

“Sapu habis” the Cubgrub!

And another big, big spoonful – sapu habis jugak!

Look at how he now can LICK up the food. He has not been able to lick all this while because of those terribly painful ulcers on his tongue. The Tramadol numbs the pain sensation, so he no longer has to live with the pain in the mouth. Maybe the ulcers won’t heal because of the toxins (BUN and creatinine), but at least he does not have suffer the pain in the mouth. Tramadol is wonderful!

Now, I understand why he has only been able to eat big chunks of raw meat all this while. Or, why liver. Raw meat (fillet) and liver are very smooth and have the least tendency to irritate his ulcers.

Hopefully, he will not have to suffer such pain again….

Today has been a great day!

P.S. I am ordering different flavours of Cubgrub, just in case Vincent needs more variety.