Vincent eats canned food as well!

When I came back from work today, Vincent asked for food again.

I offered raw food – no. Cindy’s tuna – no.

Hmm…what did he want now.  I hope he is not going to play the staring game again.  It can be quite frustrating….

He walked away from both foods and went to drink water – this usually means I’ve got it all wrong and he’s going to leave the kitchen (if he still wants me to get it right, he would stay until I offer more options).  I have to read his mind now, what does he want? I have to give him what he wants before he leaves….

I tried my luck and opened a can of Cindy’s Tender Chicken. Before this, Vincent could not eat canned food because he cannot pick up the shredded pieces or flakes with his mouth. That is why he needed big chunks of raw meat.

I placed the bowl of chicken plus gravy (yum, yum!) next to his drinking bowl and tadah….!!

He started eating it!!!

This is the first time he is willing to eat canned chicken.

I know Cindy’s is grain free and it has taurine. It is quality food. Apart from home-cooked (where I know all the ingredients I put in), I would give Cindy’s or Monge.

I’m so happy not because Cindy’s is a complete food. It isn’t, but by eating canned, we can cut down on the liver.  Really, he has been consuming too much liver (ever since he “heard” from his vet that he must eat “some” organs). Also, it is something different for him, after weeks of eating only raw meat and organs. For variety.

It was truly so, so nice watching Vincent enjoy his food. Shows he is taking an interest in food, and in life?

Anyway, I was so happy watching him eat heartily.

Heidi ate up the raw food…ha ha.

Come to think of it, it might be possible for me to “hide” probiotics in the canned food since it has gravy. Yay!  One step at a time.  I don’t want him to feel he has been duped.

Respect your cat.

He almost finished one whole can!!  This is what’s left. Hey, not bad, not bad at all.

And somehow, he can pick up chicken shreds now.  Previously, he couldn’t though he tried so hard (it broke my heart watching that).

I am convinced that the cream the vet prescribed for the inside of the ear (the name is Tramadol) is very effective.  It is a painkiller and you just apply it to the skin on the inside of the ear where there is no hair so that it can be absorbed into the body. It numbs the pain sensation (so that he can eat better and enjoy his food!).

Ming-Yi says: Tramadol is quite a potent painkiller..doesn’t damage the kidneys like NSAIDs..human CKD patients are all on tramadol too.

That’s good to know!

Even the antibiotics the vet changed to now, Metrogyl (from the Metronidazole group) is metabolised by the liver, not the kidneys.

And since coming back from the vet yesterday, Vincent has migrated from the bottom rung of the staircase all the way to the upstairs family hall!!

There he is!


At 2.30pm, he asked for another can of Cindy’s Tender Chicken. Eat, Vincent, eat!

He finished more than what he ate at 12.30pm. Applause!

Subcut at 3.15pm. He totally cooperated. Didn’t even move, believe it or not?

We put in 250ml, as instructed by the vet. Yay! It took much longer than previous days as it was then 150ml. My husband says he dares to try using the pink needle. We are using the green needle now (medium). The pink is thicker.

Before that, gave Vincent his meds. A bit of a struggle. But okay.

And, we are done!!








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  1. ng

    Vincent good boy! You deserve 10 point out of 10!