A feast for a 3.1kg cat!!

First, very sorry for the lack of updates yesterday which actually got some of your worried (thanks!) about Vincent. I was called away for a few hours due to an emergency, so I was away from home and hence, no updates.

Also, because I was away for those few hours in the afternoon, Vincent could not be fed as often as I would have like to as in previous days and weeks). He is at a point where he could go both ways – up or down (in terms of wellbeing and weight), so it is very crucial that I am at home to feed him as often as he likes. This is also why I’ve given up one of my taiji classes, so that I can be home as much as possible.

Now, for this morning’s updates…

Despite NOT eating as often as he did in previous days and having his last meal last night at 8pm, hence, having no food for so many hours, Vincent weighed 3.1kg this morning, before breakfast!!

That, in itself, is already an achievement!!

You know how his weight had been fluctuating these past few weeks, from 2.5kg to 2.7kg, to a surprising 3.okg (which we all celebrated) and then back down to 2.6kg again, and swinging back and forth, depending on his hydration and food intake.

But today, after not having food for 11 hours, he stands at 3.1kg.

Take a bow, Vincent! You deserve it!

And he has migrated from the bottom-most rung of the staircase to our family hall upstairs. Last night, he migrated further into our bedroom!!

And look at him this morning….

Look at his eyes! So much brighter, right?

What matters is not how much longer he has, but how comfortable and happy we can make him as long as possible.

Last night, I could even feed him his tablet and antacid (yes, that supposedly ill-tasting liquid, but it also works as a phosphate binder) singlehandedly. Yep, I just wrapped him in a towel jedi-styled and gave it to him. Me – alone!

Here’s Vincent feasting for breakfast this morning. He started with Cindy’s Tender Chicken in Broth. Followed by CJ’s raw rabbit (courtesy and gift from Uncle Ang), then Cubgrub’s raw Chicken. Then, homecooked food (first time eating it since the longest time). Then, more CJ’s rabbit (I read that rabbit is good for CKD cats, so I have to overcome my sadness and feed him rabbit), more Cindy’s, then added Cindy’s Tuna with Sea Bream as a treat. And more Cubgrub.

And more, Cubgrub, and Cindy’s Chicken (which he loves).

And we had a feast for our 3.1kg cat!!

And for the first time, Vincent did NOT go to the water bowl to drink water excessively.

He went straight upstairs to his “new place”.

Today, we will be taking Vincent back to see his vet (this is the vet who changed his antibiotics and increased his subcut to 250ml along with the ear-cream and antacid, which have all done wonders for Vincent since Monday). She plans to evaluate his hydration and condition and if possible, the plan is to start Vincent on Fortekor (a plan which we had been waiting and waiting for, for so long) which serves to reduce protein leakage from his kidneys.

It will be a milestone if we can finally start Vincent on Fortekor. Previously, his hydration was just insufficient, so Fortekor could not be given. 150ml was just not enough as he was far too dehydrated.

I’m also so anxious and eager to see if Vincent’s mouth ulcers have shown any improvement. He is licking his food, which is already such a good thing. And it made me realise one thing – when he was gorging on chunky raw meat, I think it wasn’t even because he liked it (though it was good for him, I mean, for survival). I think it was the only thing he COULD eat, with such painful mouth ulcers. Which makes me respect Vincent so much – it was so courageous of him to bear with those painful mouth ulcers and force himself to eat…to survive.

What a brave and resilient cat! He did not give up.

Let’s see how it goes today…

Thank you, all, for your good wishes in rooting for Vincent!







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  1. ng

    Another 10 points out of 10 for you again Vincent!! Brilliant you!