A message from Vincent

It has only been 7 days since I brought Vincent last Sunday to see this vet and he was given a new treatment plan. Look at the vast improvement in his condition!

What did the trick? I don’t know, but I think it was the Tramadol painkiller which numbed the pain in his mouth and enabled him to lick food again, and of course, most important of all, the increase in the subcut fluids from 150ml to 250ml. We only did 250ml for three days, now it’s down to 200ml. Vincent’s pinch test has improved tremendously.

Vincent ate six meals today and as of today, he tipped the scales at…..


4 comments to A message from Vincent

  • Angie Lim

    Yay!! Whaleeeeedone!

  • CW Lee

    All credits goes to you dear Dr. for taking care of Vincent tirelessly, round the clock. I don’t think many pet owners (me included) would have battled for our pets like the way you have done all these time whenever they had medical issues. Thumb Up & Respect !

    • chankahyein

      Thank you, thank you! It’s also all thanks to the vet and all our friends’ prayers, well wishes and moral support without which I wouldn’t have been able to go as far as this.

  • Ng

    Wow. So so good!! It’s your true love and prudence that save Vincent.. Dr Chan..