Vincent and Ginger’s turkey feast

When Uncle Ang of Coco&Joe’s heard about Vincent’s condition and difficulty in eating, he made a rabbit and turkey meal for Vincent to try. So very kind of him, thank you, Uncle Ang!

We have tried the rabbit and Vincent ate it.

Today, we tried the turkey.

Vincent loved it!!

Ginger was eating homecooked.

But Ginger smelled the turkey and wanted to try too!

Ginger loved it too!

Heidi’s late lunch – homecooked, with a tiny blob of turkey.

Pole smelled the turkey too….

Heidi left the blob of turkey.

Okay, Heidi, I hear you loud and clear. No raw meat for you for sometime. Only homecooked, since that’s what you prefer. You know best.

Tabs loved the turkey too!

Tabs: I only eat birds. 

Once I convert all my cats to raw food, I can start weighing the amount they need per day and give them more accurate amounts of food. 2%-4% of their weight.

Meanwhile, the Cow Clan is so satisfied after their lunch of raw meat that they are really having a siesta now. Well, Cleo hasn’t eaten (still under protest).