Why are you eating dirt again, Vincent?

Vincent has been going to his table area these days. I thought he only wanted to pee (there is a patch of sand there) and to explore his previous favourite place.

Just now, I followed him and caught him eating dirt – twice.


I caught him doing it and stopped him.

Is his diet short of certain minerals and is that why he is eating dirt?

I will continue watching him on this.

Remember he did this when we first started treating his mouth ulcers and the vet though he was trying to “scratch” his ulcers? I doubt it because the ulcers would be so painful. I always thought that when cats eat dirt or lick rocks, it’s because they are lacking of some minerals.

Maybe he wants to eat liver?  For iron?


Heidi skipped lunch. I think she is totally full from breakfast. Heidi only eats homecooked and canned now.

Meanwhile, Cleo hasn’t forgiven me for trying to “trick” her into eating rabbit this morning. She boycotted lunch.