Trying out Cubgrub’s Quail, and the subcut

Today, we tried out Cubgrub’s Quail (it has no chunks).

Vincent asked for lunch at 11.44am, so I gave him his rabbit. I hadn’t decided to try the quail yet as I wasn’t sure if it was properly thawed yet. I also added some cuts of liver and heart which Vincent happily gorged! This is just in case he is anaemic, which I do doubt.

When Vincent had already finished eating, I was keeping all the food and realised that the quail had thawed. Cow Clan had not been fed yet, so I thought I’d try the quail with them.

There’s chicken, a wee bit of unfinished rabbit and a chunk of quail in this bowl. It’s for the Cow Clan but I let Tabs try first.

Tabs only ate the chicken, sniffed at the quail and avoided it totally.

Tabs, quail is bird, you can eat it.

Tabs: No, me no eat quail. Me eat chicken. 

Heidi is still only eating homecooked and canned. No raw for her.

Now, for the Cow Clan…

Everyone had a bit of quail in their bowls. The main food was still Cubgrub’s chicken, which they are familiar with and eat.

Bunny walloped ALL; Pole ate a bit but walked away, leaving some behind. Cow refused to eat. Indy walked away.

Cleo sniffed at it for a long time, then walked away without eating even the chicken.

Oh dear….

Indy came back to eat. Cow eventually came back too and ate something.

Just then, a friend came to visit, so I could not monitor the eating. When I checked much later, everything was polished clean. I don’t know who ate it up.

Probably The Buns.

I’ll have to pacify Cleo later on….

I’ll give her back her chicken.

We have not tested the quail with Vincent yet. Next meal…

At around 3.30pm, Vincent came down for food again. So I offered quail.

Wah!! Tak mau??

Vincent: Nope, don’t want. I’m descended from tigers and panthers. What do you take me for? Offering me a tiny bird like the quail? I don’t eat pigeons, madam.  

Oh yes, you are right. Earlier on, my friend, Julia, came to visit and as before, Vincent was the perfect host. Julia remarked that Vincent looked like a panther. “He doesn’t have a catty face, his face is like that of a panther”, she said.

So yes, our friend thinks he is a panther now. LOL!

Okay, fair enough, then what would you like?

Just then, I was about to open the bag of Cindy’s Naturelle grain-free kibble (a new product from Avant Pet).

Vincent’s eyes lit up when he smelled the new food. So I thought I’d just offer it to him. Maybe kibble can bulk him up a bit.

I don’t know whether he ate any or not. I don’t think so, though.

Vincent: Look, I’m descended from panthers and tigers. Why are you giving me this…this what-do-you-call-it….”twisties”? 

Okay, okay, so what would you like?

I opened a can of Cindy’s canned food, tuna with sea bream, which I know he likes.

Vincent: Yes, that’s more like it. Give me real food, okay?  

I took the opportunity to add a spoonful of quail into his tuna and guess what….he ate it!

But he walked away from the second spoon…

So, as for quail, as of today’s first trial, Bunny was the only one who did not complain.

Bunny is our official food guzzler. Food vacuum, if you like.

Time for the subcut, Vincent.

You won’t believe how obedient Vincent was today. He lay down all by himself!

We’re done, Vincent. 200ml today. Good boy!!

Nanti kena pujuk…

Cleo: Sobs, first she fed me this rabbit thing yesterday, then today, she fed me something also with a strange smell. Quail? That’s what I heard….sobs, sobs…

As with all new foods, it takes time to “pujuk” our finicky felines….







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  1. Chen

    So happy to see Vincent eating and looking cheerful. Keep up the body building, Vincent!