Project Spider-Cat 2

Project Spider-Cat 1 happened about 6 years ago when Indy made his historic escape from the (then) new cat fence in Bunny’s Place when we first moved in.

The classic greatest escape of all time:

Today, we have Project Spider-Cat 2. But it’s a relatively small project compared with No. 1.

You see, when we first moved here, the deal was that we would have a room, a pantry and the entire backyard for the cats (we brought all 7 of them over – Cow, Bunny, Pole, Tiger, Cleo, Indy and Tabs). This space, called Bunny’s Place, would be where the cats will be confined. We never expected new cats to arrive in our house, but they did and those of you who follow our stories know who came, who went and who stayed.

So, all our 7 “originals” (as Jia-Wen calls them and he gives them very special privileges) lived in Bunny’s Place. But Cow, Bunny and Indy, being super alphas started spraying all over the room and it became a total nightmare – the stains and smells.

The nightmare started 6 years ago and I have been wiping urine off the floor and walls (as my husband says, at a rate of twenty times a day) until my backache started and became really bad. This is mostly because I could no longer squat (since 8 years ago) and I’m forced to bend down from my waist.

So, this CNY, my husband said enough was enough. The three alphas would be confined in the pantry and back garden. My backache was too excruciating for me to protest, so, we netted up the back grille halfway up and we kept the sliding glass windows closed. But Indy, our Spider-Cat, could climb in. The half-netting was chicken feed for him so he had been coming in by climbing in and climbing out. The girls had no problem because we opened a small hole at the bottom which just perfect for their petite size. Still it took a while to perfect this perfect hole. At first, Cow would bite the netting to enlarge the hole so that Bunny and he could come in.

Anyway, the hole is the perfect size for the girls now. And Indy continues to climb in and out, much to his delight (for the adventure and challenge).

And Indy is really smart. He learnt very quickly that if he did not spray, he could come in.

So, our Spider-Cat behaved very well. No spraying at all. He climbed in and out as he pleased every day.

Fair’s fair. He can come in.

However, for the last week or so, I noticed spraying again, in certain places in the room.

Now, who did that??

Obviously it would have been Indy since Cow and Bunny could not come in anymore (both don’t climb) unless under heavy supervision (when it rains or as a bonus trip).

So, it just had to be Indy. But I had no proof.

And surely, you cannot convict a cat without proof, right? I mean, you gotta be fair.

Then….I caught him red-handed!!

He sprayed at Cleo’s bench cover. He sprayed at the polycarb on the front door…TWICE.

So I warned him: If you want to be able to climb in and out, you have to stop spraying, Indy.

But he did not listen. He’s been spraying every day.

Okay…time for Project Spider-Cat 2 today.

I’m using the idea that my friend, Cathy, taught me when she came to Daffodil-proof Stargate2 last year.

You leave some of the netting rolled out and upwards so that this part deters our Spider-Cat from climbing up if he tries.

It’s not fully Indy-proof as there’s still the top part that is un-fenced. But I am just using whatever pieces of netting I have from last time, and I didn’t want to cut a new piece.

The blue circle shows the girls’ entrance.


Let’s see you try to come in, Indy ol’ boy!

Heh heh…

And in case it still fails, I still have this (below):

One last piece from last time.

I also used Cathy’s idea for the window and this was done much earlier. Now I can open the window! Cow tried to come in but failed.


A consolation for the clan:

By the way, they are eating Cindy’s Naturelle Chicken and Turkey. They all love it! It’s grain free and cheaper than Monge (which isn’t grain free).

The girls’ entrance is intact.

Then, we went out for dinner and when we came back…ha ha! Indy had not come in.

You three alpha amigos can stay out in the pantry and rule.

My back deserves to heal, guys!

The room officially belongs to us girls now. 

No more smelly urine smell!
And no more crazy Spider-Cat making noisy entrances and exits.