Vincent eats again!!!

I was really hoping that today’s vomiting was just a minor setback and nothing serious or related to a deterioration of his kidney condition.

The vet did ask us to give Vincent 2ml of Lactulose.

It was time for Vincent’s antacid and Tramadol (the cream).

So I took a chance and brought a can of Monge upstairs. I look at what we have (Vincent doesn’t eat kibble – smart cat), and he just ate Cindy’s this morning plus he’s been having a lot of raw food too. I remember I have not been giving him Monge for at least a week, so this should serve as “not associated with being sick” food. If this fails, I still have the Ciao mousse treats.

I found Vincent still on that towel in the subcut room. He was actually sleeping.

I felt bad waking him up for the meds, but I had to. And I felt even worse that I had to pump in the antacid as it does give him a bit of a shock. But that was the most efficient and fast way to feed it to him so that he doesn’t have a chance to spit it out. Oh well, certain things have to be done.

After rubbing the Tramadol on the inside of both ears, I opened the can of Monge.

Vincent got a little excited. Oh, yes!


And the magic happened!!

Well, he ate voraciously and almost finished the can!

I quickly texted the vet the good news, and she said to keep monitoring. If Vincent vomits again, I should give the Lactulose.

Heidi came up to see what was going on.

And ate up the remaining food.

Mission accomplished.

Hopefully, no more vomiting. Hopefully, it was just due to the sand.

This is the patch where Vincent likes to go to and he eats the dry soil here.

I wonder if I should prevent him from going to this patch. But it would be quite hard to block it. I could put a netting on it?

Like during mid-morning, I caught him licking the green netting under his table. Under his table, we have put a piece of old netting, and it covers the soil there.